10-16-10 - Image Comparison Part 9 - Kakadu JPEG2000

Kakadu JPEG2000 (v6.4) can be tuned for visual quality or for MSE (-no_weights) , so we run both :

my_soup :

Performance in general is excellent, and we can see that they did a good job with their visual tuning (according to this metric anyway). KakaduMSE is slightly worse that jpeg_paq through the [-1,1] zone, but the visually tuned one is significantly better.

moses :

Moses is one of those difficult "noisey / texturey" type of images (like "barb") that people historically say is bad for wavelets, and indeed that seems to be the case. While Kakadu still stomps on JPEG, it's not by nearly as much as on my_soup.

The old MSU test says that ACDSee and Lurawave are better than Kakadu (v4.5) so maybe I'll try those, but they're both annoyingly commercial.

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