10-11-10 - DeUnicode v1.0

DeUnicode v1.0 is up at : Binaries on cbloom.com .

usage :

DeUnicode v1.0 by cbloom
 DeUnicode [-opts] < dir >
-r : recurse
-t : special the
-a : ascii mode
-d : display only (don't do)
-q : quiet
-v : verbose

I highly recommend using -d for a while at first to make it sure it's working right for you.

For some apps that don't handle even OEM / Console / "A" code page issues right, there's now a "-a" option to make the names into 7 bit ascii , which everyone should work with.

Now if only I could run this on the entire internet ... my god I can't believe they let URL's be non-ascii...

BTW I changed my license (bpl.txt) from BSD to Zlib since it's more permissive.


Oleksandr Nikitin said...

have you seen encodings that don't have english letters? :)

cbloom said...

Yeah if you've set your windows default "code page" to something strange then I have no idea what happens.

(note that you can use any kind of crazy unicode file names and display fonts without changing the base code page)

Such a disaster!

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