02-26-09 - Low Level Threading - Table of Contents

Table of Contents since searching Blogger is so awkward :

(the older articles here were written before I totally understood this stuff but I believe they are still correct, if a bit more confused)

Part 1 : Introduction to the issues, volatile, memory barriers, and interlocked ops.

Part 2 : Thread Safe singleton and info about CRITICAL_SECTION.

Part 2.01 : A bunch of links.

Part 2.02 : Clarification of x86 memory model and dependent read race issues in earlier posts.

Part 2.5 : TLS

Annotated Links

Part 3.0 : Intro to lock free programming and memory models.

Part 3.1 : Introducing CAS and cache line issues.

Part 4.1 : LIFO MPMC stack

Part 4.2 : LIFO MPMC stack : ABA

Part 4.3 : LIFO MPMC stack : issues

Part 5.1 : FIFO SPSC queue : simple and fast

Part 6 : Wrap up , Relacy, and the code.

Added 06-12-2012 : See also the newer threading post index .

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Anonymous said...

You might want to mention explicitly that 5.1 got buried on blogger out of chronological order...

At least, I missed it at first...

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