02-22-09 - Linkies

If you're not already following Drew and Ryan's Void Star Blog , get over and check out the awesome new video and Drew's nice render layer writeup.

Maciej posted this but it's so fucking great it's worth reposting : Gustavo Duarte writes about hardware and kernels with awesome diagrams.

Game Tunnel does a Monthly Round-Up of Indie Games that's not bad.

Peter Lindstrom - compression for graphics
Pedro V. Sander - parameterization, simplification, meshes, etc.
Very good.

Ishani.org - 2d level editor tools
This is a free 2d tile map editor for games (source code). I found it cuz I was searching for "Alien Breed" cuz the Void Star space game kind of vaguely reminds me of it.

compression.ru lossless image papers

bomb visual music
"Bomb" is one of the first interactive visual composition "instruments".

The Durrr Challenge is on. It's still early so not terribly exciting, but you can follow it here :
FT - durr challenge
Durrrr Challenge

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