Well Crap

I was cleaning my blog, deleting a bunch old posts, and accidentally deleted some I didn't want to. I'm going to repost a few, so if you have a subscription you may see odd old posts floating in because of that.

Unfortunately there's no blogger recover or trash can feature that I can just undo the delete. Frowny face. Also, while I can repost them, the comments are gone. And unfortunately it seems I can't post them to the same URL. The blogger post URL seems to be irrevocably marked with the post date, and even if I retro-date the post, it munges the URL to not be the same as the original.

ADD : I reposted a few of the ones I wanted to save. The new links are :

cbloom rants 09-27-08 On LZ and ACB
cbloom rants 10-05-08 Rant on New Arithmetic Coders
cbloom rants 10-06-08 Followup on the Russian Range Coder
cbloom rants 10-07-08 Random file stuff I've learned
cbloom rants 10-07-08 A little more on arithmetic coding ...
cbloom rants 10-08-08 Arithmetic coders throw away accuracy in lots of little places.
cbloom rants 10-10-08 On LZ Optimal Parsing
cbloom rants 10-10-08 On the Art of Good Arithmetic Coder Use


Unknown said...

How about posting a link to the archive.org snapshots for those posts that have meaningful comments?

Renderwonk said...

On a loosely connected note - the tech documents on your old site (e.g. http://www.cbloom.com/3d/techdocs/vipm.txt.) seem to have disappeared recently (the Google cache for that page dates to June 26). Any chance those would come back? We have references to a bunch of them in the "Real-Time Rendering" book, and we've been wondering what to do about those references in the new edition.

cbloom said...

I put the techdocs/ folder back up. It's all so old that I don't think it's anything but a historical curiosity.

Renderwonk said...

Thanks! It's good to have those available, even if it's just for tracing the history of certain techniques.

Marius Dumitru said...

Would you please add back some of the older materials under www.cbloom.com/physics, like http://www.cbloom.com/physics/2d_dirac.html and others?
Thank you

Marius Dumitru said...

Thank you for putting back physics stuff - I was able to access several pages for which I had saved bookmark links, but can't navigate to the other without the main index pages like cbloom.com/physics/index.html :)

Jesse Lactin said...

Do you have the File IO post lying around? I'd like to implement those primitives and see how they work in practice. IIRC, the file had one function: file_lock(), but I don't remember the parameter. I think it was a handle of some kind.

cbloom said...

Jesse, not sure what post you're talking about. There are lots of file IO posts still up on the blog. I've tried to not delete anything with technical merit. If you have some keywords I can try searching my archives. ("file_lock" turned up empty)

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