Goodbye and Hello

Well, fuck me. Google has broken the older GData API for posting to blogger.

I understand progress has to happen and so on, and older APIs have to get retired sometimes. Well, no not really; that's not actually what happens in the modern world. I'm sick of the slap-dash upgrading and deprecating that has nothing to do with necessity and is just random chaos. You all can fuck around with it if you want. Not me. I love algorithms. I love programming when the problems are inherent, mathematical problems. Not problems like this fucking API doesn't do what it says it does, or this shit does different things in different versions so I have to detect that and hack it and, oh crap my platform sdk updated and nothing works any more and fuck me.

I think this blog (on Blogger) is probably dead. I can't be bothered to fix my poster (working in C# is a nightmare). Goodbye.

You can read the raw text blog at http://www.cbloom.com/rants.html

also Hello!

For a little while I've been writing a new blog.

It was inspired by el trastero | de IƱigo Quilez which is a fabulous blog. el trastero has some little technical thoughts some times, but also personal stuff, and lots of humanity. I love it. It's how my blog started, and somewhere along the way I lost the point. So I started writing a new blog, inspired by my old blog.

It's called "rambles", and it's here : http://www.cbloom.com/rambles.html

It's personal and inappropriate and you probably shouldn't read it.

Goodbye and hello.

old rants