Oodle 2.7.3 on the Nintendo Switch

It's been a while since I reported Switch performance, and we've made a lot of improvements to ARM performance since then (both for ARM32 and 64, for Switch, iOS, and Mobile), and of course added Leviathan. Time for an update!

I compare Oodle against the zlib implementation provided in the Nintendo SDK (nn deflate). Deflate is run at level 9, Oodle at level 8. I'm timing decode speed only.

On mixed content test file lzt99 :

Plot of log compresion ratio vs. log decode speed :

Raw numbers :

lzt99      : nn_deflate-l9 : 1.883 to 1 :   71.70 MB/s
lzt99      : Leviathan-z8  : 2.773 to 1 :  217.26 MB/s
lzt99      : Kraken-z8     : 2.655 to 1 :  282.96 MB/s
lzt99      : Mermaid-z8    : 2.437 to 1 :  526.64 MB/s
lzt99      : Selkie-z8     : 1.943 to 1 :  971.69 MB/s

Leviathan is about 3X faster to decode than zlib/deflate, with way more compression. The rest of the Oodle compressor family provides even faster decode speeds with lower compression ratios. The fastest, Oodle Selkie, is similar compression ratio to zlib/deflate but more than 10X faster to decode.

details :

This is with Switch SDK 5.5, clang-5.0.1 ; the nn:deflate speed has gotten a little worse since the last time I measured it (was 74.750 MB/s). The compression ratio of nn:deflate is the same. For reference, old numbers are here , for Oodle 2.6.0 and 2.4.2. For example you can see that LZNA was at 24 MB/s with compression just slightly below Leviathan. Leviathan is truly a remarkable beast.

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