Release the Kraken!

Announcing Oodle Kraken! - a new compression algorithm in the Oodle Data Compression library.

Oodle Kraken offers high compression with incredible decode speed, the likes of which has never been seen before.

Oodle Kraken decodes 3X faster than ZLib, and gets way more compression. There's really nothing even close to Kraken, its performance is revolutionary - it's never been possible to get such high compression and blazing fast decode speed before.

On the "Silesia" test set, the performance is :

Kraken :  4.05 to 1 compression ratio,   919.8 decode mb/s
zlib9  :  2.74 to 1 compression ratio,   306.9 decode mb/s
lzma   :  4.37 to 1 compression ratio,    78.8 decode mb/s

(speed measured on a Core i7-3770 3.4 Ghz , x64, single threaded)

Oodle Kraken's high compression makes it great for downloadables and distribution. Kraken's fast decode speed makes it amazing for in-game loading, paging and streaming, with less CPU load taking time away from your game. There's no need to decompress Kraken data when you install - just load compressed data directly. Kraken is so fast that loading compressed data and then decompressing is faster than just loading uncompressed data off disk!

Visit radgametools.com to learn more about Kraken and Oodle.

I'll be writing more about Oodle Kraken in the coming weeks, such as performance analysis on other data sets and vs. other compressors.

The overall performance on Silesia :

And a chart of the performance on each file in Silesia. This is a loglog scatter plot, with log2 of decode speed on the x axis and log2 of compression ratio on the y axis. (so for example from LZMA to Kraken on "sao" is 4.68 steps on the x axis, that means 25.76X faster)

Oodle Kraken is superb on the AMD Jaguar chip that's in the PS4 and XBox One. Most decompressors really struggle to run fast on those platforms, but not Kraken.

It's hard to write about Oodle Kraken without sounding ridiculous. It's really a huge step in data compression, where huge steps almost never happen.

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