06-18-14 - Oodle Network Test Results

Well, it's been several months now that we've been testing out the beta of Oodle Network Compression on data from real game developers.

Most of the tests have been UDP, with a few TCP. We've done a few tests on data from the major engines (UE3/4, Source) that do delta property bit-packing. Some of the MMO type games with large packets were using zlib on packets.

This is a summary of all the major tests that I've run. This is not excluding any tests where we did badly. So far we have done very well on every single packet capture we've seen from game developers.

MMO game :
427.0 -> 182.7 average = 2.337:1 = 57.21% reduction
compare to zlib -5 : 427.0 -> 271.9 average

MMRTS game :
122.0 -> 75.6 average = 1.615:1 = 38.08% reduction

Unreal game :
220.9 -> 143.3 average = 1.542:1 = 35.15% reduction

Tiny packet game :
21.9 -> 15.6 average = 1.403:1 = 28.72% reduction

Large packet Source engine game :
798.2 -> 519.6 average = 1.536:1 = 34.90% reduction

Some of the tests surprised even me, particularly the tiny packet one. When I saw the average size was only 22 bytes I didn't think we had much room to work with, but we did!

Some notes :

  • Oodle Network Compression provides > 28% reduction in all cases seen so far.

  • Oodle works even on tiny packets!

  • Oodle greatly out-compresses zlib. Some developers think that zlib is a great compromise for space and speed. Oodle can do much better! Oodle is also generally faster to encode than zlib and uses less memory per channel.

  • Oodle works even on games that are already doing bit-packing and delta updates (like most of the major traditional engines do).

  • Oodle easily pays for itself; the savings in bandwidth is much greater than the cost of Oodle. In addition to the cost savings, Oodle means you can run more players

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