07-15-12 - cbvector

I tried to use std::vector in one of the Oodle examples, and the freaking MSVC STL generates link dependencies by default. WTF. So I got annoyed and wrote my own single file standalone vector.

Caveats : this is ripped out of cblib (with dependencies removed), so it's rather ugly. This is not totally STL compatible. It works well enough for my purposes. Feel free to improve it.

Download : cbvector.h at cbloom.com

cbvector.h intentionally doesn't include anything. You may need to include stddef.h and/or new.h before cbvector.h.

WARNING : cbvector.h uses #defines to configure various aspects of the implementation. If you set those #defines to different things in different code files, then you must ensure that one of the following is true : 1. the CB_VECTOR class name is different in each case, or 2. the linkage of all funcs affected is "static", or 3. the entire cbvector is in an anonymous namespace (which is the default). If you're not careful about this you can get super bizarro bugs when the linker merges functions that aren't actually the same.

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