06-18-12 - Run Logged

A handy batch file :

runlogged.bat :

set args=%*
if "%args%"=="" end.bat
set Now=%TIME%
REM ECHO It's %Now% now
REM remove decimal part of time :
FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=." %%A IN ("%Now%") DO SET Now=%%A
REM ECHO It's %Now% now
REM alternate way :
REM ECHO It's %Now% now
set str=%DATE%_%Now%_%args%
call make_clean_str %str%
set str=%str:.=_%
if not exist r:\runlogs call md r:\runlogs
set logname=r:\runlogs\%str%.log
call %args% > %logname% 2>&1
call d %logname%
type %logname%

make_clean_str.bat :

set str=%*
set str=%str: =_%
set str=%str::=_%
set str=%str:\=_%
set str=%str:/=_%
set str=%str:;=_%

make_clean_str is handy any time you want to make a string into a file name, it gets rid of illegal characters.

runlogged runs a command line and saves an archive of all runs, with the arg list and the date/time in the file name so they never collide.

Thanks to these two :

vanderwoude Batch files
ss64 Windows CMD Command Syntax

If the internet wasn't such a useless pile of turd, I would completely download both of their sites for my reference library.

I've written before, but repeating : what I really want is a fully journalling OS; every thing I ever run should be fully tracked and completely reproducable; all the input & output files should be saved. Oh well, this is better than nothing.


Oleksandr Nikitin said...

This seems to be very close to journaled OS, you might want to take a look:


cbloom said...

Yeah, the whole phrasing in terms of unix packages is a mess, but it looks like the right idea. Hopefully we see stuff like this taking over.

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