08-09-11 - Threading Links

For reference, some of the links I consulted for the recent postings :

[concurrency-interest] fast semaphore
[C++] Chris M Thomasson - Pastebin.com
[C++] Chris M Thomasson - Pastebin.com -rwmutex eventcount
[C++] Chris M Thomasson - Pastebin.com - wsdequeue
[C++] Chris M Thomasson - Pastebin.com - semaphore and mpmc
[C++] Chris M Thomasson - Pastebin.com - mpsc in relacy
[C++] Chris M Thomasson - Pastebin.com - eventcount from cond_Var
[C++] Chris M Thomasson - Pastebin.com - cond_Var from waitset
[C#] Chris M Thomasson - Pastebin.com - eventcount in C#
yet another win32 condvar implementation - comp.programming.threads Computer Group
yet another (tiny) implementation of condvars - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Would this work on even one platform - about mutex reordering
Windows NT Keyed Events
Win32 Kernel Experimental WaitLock-Free Fast-Path Event-Count for Windows... anZ2dnUVZ, InterlockedLoadFence, and aPOdnXp1l6
win32 condvar futex - NOT! - 29464
Win32 condition variables redux - Thomasson thread list version
Win32 condition variables redux - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Usenet - Lock-free queue SPMC + MPMC
Usenet - Condition variables signal with or without mutex locked
Time-Published Queue-Based Spin Locks
Ticket spinlocks [LWN.net]
ThreadSanitizer - data-race-test - ThreadSanitizer is a Valgrind-based detector of data races - Race detection tools and mor
Thin Lock vs. Futex � ��Bartosz Milewski's Programming Cafe
The Inventor of Portable DCI-aka-DCL (using TSD) is... ;-) - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
TEREKHOV - Re win32 conditions sem+counter+event = broadcast_deadlock + spur.wake
TBB Thomasson's MPMC
TBB Thomasson - rwmutex
TBB Thomason aba race
TBB Raf on spinning
TBB eventcount posting Dmitry's code
TBB Download Versions
TBB Dmitry on memory model
Task Scheduling Strategies - Scalable Synchronization Algorithms Google Groups
Subtle difference between C++0x MM and other MMs - seq_cst fence weird
Strong Compare and Exchange
Strategies for Implementing POSIX Condition Variables on Win32
Starvation-free, bounded- ... - Intel� Software Network
spinlocks XXXKSE What to do
Spinlocks and Read-Write Locks
SourceForge.net Repository - [relacy] Index of relacy_1_0rrdinttbb_eventcount
Some notes on lock-free and wait-free algorithms Ross Bencina
So what is a memory model And how to cook it - 1024cores
Sleeping Read-Write Locks
Simple condvar implementation for Win32 - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Simple condvar implementation for Win32 (second attempt)
SignalObjectAndWait Function (Windows)
sequential consistency � Corensic
search for Thomasson - Pastebin.com
search for Relacy - Pastebin.com
Scalable Synchronization
Scalable Synchronization MCS lock
Scalable Synchronization Algorithms Google Groups
Scalable Queue-Based Spin Locks with Timeout
Relacy Race Detector - 1024cores
really simple portable eventcount... - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
really simple portable eventcount... - 2
really simple portable eventcount... - 1
re WaitForMultipleObjects emulation with pthreads
Re sem_post() and signals
Re Portable eventcount (try 2)
Re Intel x86 memory model question
Re C++ multithreading yet another Win32 condvar implementation
race-condition and sub-optimal performance in lock-free queue ddj code...
Race in TBB - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
QPI Quiescence (David Dice's Weblog)
pthread_yield() vs. pthread_yield_np()
pthread_cond_ implementation questions - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
POSIX Threads (pthreads) for Win32
Porting of Win32 API WaitFor to Solaris Platform
Portable eventcount
Portable eventcount - Scalable Synchronization Algorithms Google Groups
Portable eventcount - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Portable eventcount (try 2) - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Parallel Disk IO - 1024cores
Obscure Synchronization Primitives
New implementation of condition variables on win32
my rwmutex algorithm for Linux... - this is good
Mutexes and Condition Variables using Futexes
Multithreading in C++0x part 1 Starting Threads Just Software Solutions - Custom Software Development and Website Developmen
Multithreaded File IO Dr Dobb's Journal
Multi-producermulti-consumer SEH-based queue � Intel Software Network Blogs - Intel� Software Network
MSDN Compound Synchronization Objects
MPMC Unbounded FIFO Queue w 1 CASOperation. No jokes. - comp.programming.threads Computer Group
Memory Consistency Models
low-overhead mpsc queue - Scalable Synchronization Algorithms
Lockless Inc Articles on computer science and optimization.
Lockingunlocking SysV semaphores - comp.unix.programmer Google Groups
Lockfree Algorithms - 1024cores
lock-free read-write locks - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Lock-free bounded fifo-queue on top of vector - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Linux x86 ticket spinlock
JSS Petersons
JSS Dekker
Joe Seighs awesome rw-spinlock with a twist; the beauty of eventcounts... - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
joe seigh on eventcount fences
Joe Seigh Fast Semaphore
Joe Duffy's Weblog - keyed events
Implementing a Thread-Safe Queue using Condition Variables (Updated) Just Software Solutions - Custom Software Development a
How to use priority inheritance
High-Performance Synchronization for Shared-Memory Parallel Programs University of Rochester Computer Science
good discussion of work stealing
good discussion of a broken condvar implementation
git.kernel.org - linuxkernelgittorvaldslinux-2.6.gitcommit
futex(2) - Linux manual page
FlushProcessWriteBuffers Function (Windows)
First Things First - 1024cores
Fine-grained condvareventcount
fast-pathed mutex with eventcount for the slow-path... - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
experimental fast-pathed rw-mutex algorithm... - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
eventcount needs storeload
eventcount example of seq_cst fence problem
Effective Go - The Go Programming Language
duffy page that's down meh
Dr. Dobb's Journal Go Parallel QuickPath Interconnect Rules of the Revolution Dr. Dobb's and Intel Go Parallel Programming
Don�t rely on memory barriers for synchronization� Only if you don�t aware of Relacy Race Detector! � Intel Software Network
dmitry's eventcount for TBB
Distributed Reader-Writer Mutex - 1024cores
Discussion of Culler Singh sections 5.1 - 5.3
Developing Lightweight, Statically Initializable C++ Mutexes Dr Dobb's Journal
Derevyago derslib mt_threadimpl.cpp Source File
Derevyago - C++ multithreading yet another Win32 condvar implementation - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Dekker's algorithm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
David's Wikiblog
data-race-test - Race detection tools and more - Google Project Hosting
condvars signal with mutex locked or not Lo�c OnStage
Concurrent programming on Windows - Google Books
concurrency-induced memory-access anomalies - comp.std.c Google Groups
CONCURRENCY Synchronization Primitives New To Windows Vista
comp.programming.threads Google Groups
comp.lang.c++ Google Groups - thomasson event uses
Common threads POSIX threads explained, Part 3
Chris M. Thomasson - Pastebin.com
Chris M. Thomasson - Pastebin.com - win_condvar
Chapter�22.�Thread - Boost 1.46.1
cbloom rants 07-18-10 - Mystery - Does the Cell PPU need Memory Control -
cbloom rants 07-18-10 - Mystery - Do Mutexes need More than Acquire-Release -
Causal consistency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
C++1x lock-free algos and blocking - comp.lang.c++ Google Groups
C++0x sequentially consistent atomic operations - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
C++0x memory_order_acq_rel vs memory_order_seq_cst
C++ native-win32 waitset class for eventcount... - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
C++ native-win32 waitset class for eventcount... - broken for condvar
C++ N1525 Memory-Order Rationale - nice
C++ multithreading yet another Win32 condvar implementation
Bug-Free Mutexs and CondVars w EventCounts... - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
Break Free of Code Deadlocks in Critical Sections Under Windows
Boost rwmutex 2
Boost rwmutex 1
boost atomics Usage examples - nice
Blog Archive Just Software Solutions - Custom Software Development and Website Development in West Cornwall, UK
Atomic Ptr Plus Project
Asymmetric Dekker
appcoreac_queue_spsc - why eventcount needs fence
AppCore A Portable High-Performance Thread Synchronization Library
Advanced Cell Programming
A word of caution when juggling pthread_cond_signalpthread_mutex_unlock - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
A theoretical question on synchronization - comp.programming.threads Google Groups
A race in LockSupport park() arising from weak memory models (David Dice's Weblog)
A garbage collector for C and C++
A futex overview and update [LWN.net]
A Fair Monitor (Condition Variables) Implementation for Win32

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