06-24-11 - Regression

Oodle now can run batch files and generate this :

r:\test_done_ps3passpasspasspass : 128.51pass : 450.50
r:\test_done_win32passpassfailpass : 341.94pass : 692.58
r:\test_done_ps3passpasspasspass : 128.03pass : 450.73
r:\test_done_win32passpasspasspass : 335.55pass : 686.90


Something that's important for me is doing constant runs of the speeds of the optimized bits on all the platforms, because it's so easy to break the optimization with an inoccuous check-in, and then you're left trying to find what slowed you down.

Two niggles continue to annoy me :

1. Damn Xenon doesn't have a command line interface (by which I mean you can't actually interact with running programs from a console; you can start programs; the specific problem is that you can't tell if a program is done or still running or crashed from a console). I have my own hacky work-around for this which is functional but not ideal. (I know I could write my own nice xenon-runner with the Dm API's but I haven't bitten that off yet).

2. Damn PS3TM doesn't provide "force connect" from the command line. They provide most of the commands as command line switches, but not the one that I actually want. Because of this I frequently have problems connecting to the PS3 during the regression run, and I have to open up the damn GUI and do it by hand. This is in fact the only step that I can't automate and that's annoying. I mean, why do they even fucking bother with providing the "connect" and "disconnect" options? They never fucking work, the only thing that works is "force disconnect". Don't give me options that just don't work dammit.

(and the whole idea of PS3TM playing nice and not disconnecting other users is useless because it doesn't disconnect idle people, so when someone else is "connected" that usually means they were debugging two days ago and just never disconnected)

(there is a similar problem with the Xenon (similar in the sense that it can't be automated); it likes to get itself into a state where it needs to be cold-booted by physically turning it off; I'm not sure why the "cold boot" xbreboot is not the same as physically power cycling it, so that's mildly annoying too).


Anonymous said...

Hi Charles,

If you'd like to Force Disconnect another PS3 user from the command line, you can do it through the Target Manager API. Here's an example Python script.

Aaron said...

Not sure if it'll help you, but ps3run has -k, which will force disconnect other users.

cbloom said...

Sweet! I love love ps3run

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