03-14-11 - cbloom.com-exe BmpUtil update

I put up a new BmpUtil on the cbloom.com/exe page . Release notes :

bmputil built Mar 14 2011 12:49:42
bmp view <file>
bmp info <file>
bmp copy <fm> <to> [bits] [alpha]
bmp jpeg <fm> <to> [quality]
bmp crop <fm> <to> <w> <h> [x] [y]
bmp pad <fm> <to> <w> <h> [x] [y]
bmp cat <h|v> <fm1> <fm2> <to>
bmp size <fm> <to> <w> [h]
bmp mse <im1> <im2>
bmp median <fm> <to> <radius> [selfs]
file extensions : bmp,tga,png,jpg
  jpg gets quality from last # in name

fimutil by cbloom built Mar 14 2011 12:50:56
fim view <file>
fim info <file>
fim copy <fm> <to> [planes]
fim mse <fm> <to>
fim size <fm> <to> <w> [h]
fim make <to> <w> <h> <d> [r,g,b,a]
fim eq <fm> <to> <eq>
fim eq2 <fm1> <fm2> <to> <eq>
fim cmd <fm> <to> <cmd>  (fim cmd ? for more)
fim interp <to> <fm1> <fm2> <fmt>
fim filter <fm> <to> <filter> [repeats] ; (filter=? for more)
fim upfilter/double <fm> <to> <filter> [repeats]
fim downfilter/halve <fm> <to> <filter> [repeats]
fim gaussian <fm> <to> <sdev> [width]
fim bilateral <fm> <to> <spatial_sdev> <value_sdev> [spatial taps]
file extensions : bmp,tga,png,jpg,fim
 use .fim for float images; jpg gets quality from last # in name

fim cmd <fm> <to> <cmd>
 use cmd=? for help

Some notes :

Most of the commands will give more help if you run them, but you may have to give some dummy args to make them think they have enough args. eg. run "fimutil eq ? ? ?"

FimUtil sizers are much better than the BmpUtil ones. TODO : any resizing except doubling/halving is not very good yet.

FimUtil eq & eq2 provide a pretty generate equation parser, so you can do any kind of per-sample manipulation you want there.

"bmputil copy" is how you change file formats. Normally you put the desired jpeg quality in the file name when you write jpegs, or you can use "bmputil jpeg" to specify it manually.

Unless otherwise noted, fim pixels are in [0,1] and bmp pixels are in [0,255] (just to be confusing, many of the fimutil commands do a *1/255 for you so that you can pass [0,255] values on the cmd line); most fim ops do NOT enforce clamping automatically, so you may wish to use ClampUnit or ScaleBiasUnit.

Yeah, I know imagemagick does lots of this shit but I can never figure out how to use their commands. All the source code for this is in cblib, so you can examine it, fix it, laugh at it, what have you.

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