01-17-11 - ImDiff Release

Imdiff Win32 executables are now available for download. You can get them from my exe index page or direct link to zip download .

If you wish to link to imdiff, please link to this blog post as I will post updates here.

If you wish to run the JPEG example batch file, you may need to get JPEG exes here and get PackJPG here . Install them somewhere and set a dos environment variable "jpegpath" to where that is. Or modify the batch files to point at the right place. If you don't know how to use dos batch files, please don't complain to me, instead see here for example.

Once you have your JPEG installed correctly, you can just run "jpegtests image.bmp" and it will make nice charts like you've seen here.

I am not connected to those JPEG distributions in any way. Imdiff is not a JPEG tester. The JPEG test is just provided as an example. You should learn from the batch files and do something similar for whatever image compressor you wish to test.

ADDENDUM : See the Summary Post of all imdiff related blog posts.

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