11-05-10 - Papers

I still use the old PSView once in a while for viewing postscripts (it's the only free standalone PS reader for Windows that I know of; standalone = not requiring Ghostscript nightmare). But it's janky and pretty much obsolete because there are now good fast online PS to PDF converters :


ps2pdf is a bit faster but sometimes fails to handle files that neevia does handle.

Also randomly I just found this page of amazing docs by Gernot Hoffmann !!! It's mostly pedantic stuff, but the docs are unbelievably well made, with nice simple writing, tons of details, and FIGURES, omg omg, it's so nice to have actual figures drawing out the plots and geometries of things.

Some of�the great ones I've looked at so far :

cielab - tons of details, figures, gamut plots, etc.

planar projections - also see Euler angles, Gimbal lock, etc. lots of great intro-to-computer-graphics topics.

Another random interesting paper : A Chronology of Interpolation: From Ancient Astronomy to Modern Signal and Image Processing

And some good authors :

Fairchild - Color Publications & Presentations
Boulos - Graphics Publications

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Anonymous said...

It can actually be worth installing Ghostscript, because ps2pdf is one of the batch files supplied with it, though it's in some non-obvious directory so it may not be obvious that it's there. Feed it the PDF on the command line, and it does the sensible thing, so you can just make a shortcut to it in your Send To folder. Tastes differ, but this always felt like it was saving me some time vs going to the web site... and ghostscript was way easier to install than I remembered...

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