08-05-10 - P4 Shelf

The fact that I can't access the new "p4 shelve" from the old P4Win client makes it almost useless to me. P4V is ridiculously awful. It takes like 30 seconds to start up, I don't know WTF they're doing, but I know it's not okay.

Shelving with just one workspace as a way to save your work seems to work okay, but I've been using it to make temp checkins to go between my various computers, and it's not awesome for that. I guess what I really have to do is make real branches for that, but branches scare the bejeesus out of me.


Aaron said...

I just go command line for shelving. I've started thinking someone needs to raise the torch and write an open p4win replacement, though. p4v is useless garbage, and p4win needs to be kept up to date. All those apps do is just wrap calls to p4.exe, right?

cbloom said...

"All those apps do is just wrap calls to p4.exe, right?"


I used the "P4 API" at Oddworld, which is a little funny. The P4 API just sprintfs your function arguments to a string and calls system() with it to run p4.exe

John Henckel said...

I've been using P4 from home over VPN for many years. When I started I was complaining to a Perforce support guy how slow p4win is. he said, "just learn to use the command line" which was excellent advice. There are hundreds of things you can do on the command line (with -x and sed scripts) that you can't do in the gui. I implemented my own shelf system before p4 had it, (using zip and revert).

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