01-01-09 - Console vs GUI

Raymond Chen's blog is often informative and interesting, but he's very obstinate and often has blinders on. The latest one about console vs GUI mode apps in Windows is a classic example of Microsoftian "our way is right" thinking which is just completely off base and also ignores what users and developers want. It doesn't matter how "right" you are (and BTW, you're not right), if lots of users (developers) want something, such as the ability to make apps that are either console apps or GUI apps, then you should give it to them.

In particular, I would say that 90% of the apps I write I would like to be GUI/console hybrid apps. That is, depending on the command line switches, they either run attached to the console or not. There's also another major usage pattern that I like : if the app is launched by running from an icon or something like that, run as a GUI app, but if it's run from a command line, then run as a console app. This can be accomplished with the devenv ".com" trick (works because from cmd a .com of the same name is run before the .exe), but that means you have to build two targets which is annoying.

In practice what I'm doing now is that I make my apps console apps, and then depending on how they are run (command line swtiches and such) it can respawn itself with DETACHED_PROCESS. (this also makes sure you detach from the console - I hate fucking GUI interactive apps that I run from the console that don't detach themselves and thus lock up my console). BTW this last bit is another important hybrid usability thing - I want my app to tell if it's going into interactive mode or not. If it's a non-interactive thing (like just showing help or doing some batch processing) then it should run as a non-detached console app. If it pops a GUI and runs interactive, it should detach.

This is all reasonably easy with these calls :

IsDebuggerPresent() (needed because you don't want to do any funny respawning if you're debugging)




freopen("CONIN$","rb",stdin); // etc...

I've written in this blog in the past about some of the very bizarre weirdness about how Windows manages the console system; in fact just go read my post from last year if you care.

BTW if you do want to do the .com/.exe thing to be cleaner, you should use the "subsystem not set" trick and just make two mains like this .

Also, for my GUI apps in "final" builds, I still have the code in there to write log info out to a normal console with printf. I just make the app start up detached - hence no console window. Then I give the user a button to toggle the console visible. The nice thing is that you can just GetConsoleWindow() and tell it to HIDE or be visible. Oh, make sure you create the console right at start up and then hide it even if you don't think you want a console, that way if the user chooses to show it, all the logs will be there in the history.

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