12-18-08 - Open Source Just Doesn't Work

There's a Netflix Plugin for Media Portal . I dare you to even try to figure out how to install it and get it to run. And then there are some big problems with control and integration once you get it running. I'm trying to get the developer to fix it; fingers crossed, it would be nice to have that. I keep hearing the Xbox Netflix integration is really awesome. I might have to get an Xbox just for that. Yay.


castano said...

What about the roku player? IIRC it had pretty good reviews.

cbloom said...


Wow that's amazing they're selling that thing for $100. I don't really want another brick of electronics but wtf...

I just discovered that they have Netflix on TiVo now too as well :


but sadly it seems to be unavailable on my Series 2. I would consider upgrading but I have a lifetime subscription which is pretty damn sweet and I refuse to buy any electronics which come with subscriptions. (I currently pay zero subscriptions, not even for cell phone)

castano said...

We just got a roku player that I bought for Mariana's birthday. Overall we are pretty happy with it. The user interface is extremely simple; it only does what it's supposed to do and it does it very well.

Something that pisses me off and that I haven't seen in any review is that it does not have a power off button. So, it's constantly running, unless you unplug it.

There are rumors the firmware will be extended to allow streaming content from other online services such us hulu and youtube. It would be even better if it supported streaming from local media servers in which case the tiny roku box would replace my HTPC entirely.

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