09-29-06 - 1

Went to the Bike Film Festival linky . It's pretty awesome; Lo Fi crappy video and audio, but I love the rocking bike films. I might go to another one tomorrow to see some of the other stuff. Bike = Love.

I almost got a ticket today cuz I forgot to move my car for the street sweeping. I saw the little meter maid guys swoop into the street ahead of the sweeper, dropping tickets like bombs. I was playing poker in my pajamas and had just open raised my AK (fuck! AK = monies!), I scrambled to find my keys, then almost ran out without my house key (bad news, doors auto-lock, locked out, no fun), ran out and got to my car just as he was putting a ticket on it. Fortunately the guy was cool and took it off for me. Fucking street parking is a nightmare.

Some new developments mean the online poker ban might pass after all. I guess I'd have to get a job of some kind pretty quick because my finances aren't so hot these days, I need a regular income.

Late news - yep, the online gambling ban passed. It's not actually law yet, but it got tacked on the port security bill which is going to be passed for sure. On the plus side, I didn't actually make my big stock bet against the bill by buying Neteller or something. I'm sure Neteller stock is in a nose-dive now.


09-27-06 - 1

Crab season in SF starts November 15. Apparently they fish the hell out of them and the stock is depleted by Christmas. After that you still see "fresh crab" sold on the market, but it's not local, or you see "local crab" but that was in deep chill. So, it'll be a month of gorging on all the crab I can get from the great Sun Fat.


09-26-06 - 2

Not all open-ended straight draws are the same. I've talked about a few cases in the past but there are some really common ones that are very strong differences.

1. When hitting your draw can complete a higher one card straight. For example if you have something like 78 and the board is 9TQ. It looks like you have an open-end straight, but hitting a J is not great because any one-card K is a higher straight. Your draw really sucks in this case.

2. When hitting your draw makes a one card lower straight. For example if you have AT and the board is 9JQ. If you're up against another T and you hit a K, he will also have a straight, but you'll have the nuts and likely get paid off. In this case your draw is better than a normal straight draw because your implied odds are very good.

09-26-06 - 1

Fuck everyone, you're all a bunch of douchebags. ps. Bill Clinton is such a fucking bad ass, if I was a White House intern I woulda sucked his cock.

In related news, for those who don't know, ESPN's coverage of WSOP is a ridiculous distortion of reality. It's just like Fox News or some other agenda-based "news", they're trying to tell some story and they pick and choose bits of the truth and create characters and tell the story they want. Just for example - early on they showed Negreanu playing well. In reality he was playing a wild loose game, his chip stack was going way up and way down all the time; ESPN mainly only showed the hands he won which makes him look great, but he donked it up horribly in tons of pots. The other huge distortions are Jamie Gold related. Jamie was being a major ass and bluffing a LOT at the table and they mainly don't show it; he also didn't give any money to charity.


09-25-06 - 2

It's really amazing how people can tell they're being looked at. I sit in my window and look out at the street; I'm hidden behind my monitor, the drapes, and a big potted plant, and yet people 100 feet away on the opposite side of the street will almost always look right back when I stare at them.

09-25-06 - 1

The OS should have more user-specified options for apps at the OS level. For example I should be able to prevent apps from stealing focus one by one. You should be able to select an app and pick "OS Options" and you should get "Sound level 0-100%" which modifies the apps sound, Popups on/off which prevents it from popping up windows, steal focus on/off, as well as lots of security-type options like "allowed to write disk", "allowed to send network" etc. WTF this shit is so basic, how can I not have this.


09-24-06 - 3

Amazing breaking news in David Brooks column from last weeks NYT : human behavior is largely genetic, governed by our evolutionarily adapted behavior patterns and the chemical balance of hormones. Basic urges and behavior tendencies are largely animalistic, and differ between men & women, & races. Holy crap! In related breaking news : most humans are fucking morons who think the most obvious and intuitive things are worth writing books and columns about.

ps. I've noticed a trend recently which I find quite sickening. There are more and more books being written which are basically one-sentence concepts padded out to full book length. Nobody actually reads these books, the whole point is so that the author can go on talk shows or write newspaper articles and be known as the "author of such and such". Somebody might write a book called "How College Killed The Family" about how education reduces marriage rates; one paragraph of information padded with life stories and such garbage, then they do the talk show circuit where they just say their one sentence over and over, and are basically used as a springboard for the host to show their own feelings on the subject. I should write some of these books and just fill them with blank pages, that way I can be an "expert" and spout my nonsense.

09-24-06 - 2

There are some interesting poker dynamics that happen in multi-way pots which don't occur heads up, where you can use the fact that your opponents are aware of each other to your advantage.

Three handed on the river. You have a huge monster hand (like a full house) and are 2nd to act. The first player bets into you. There are many cases where it's best to just call!! For example, if the first player is a nutty bluffer and his betting pattern tells you he likely has no hand at all, so he won't call if you raise. If you raise, the 3rd player will see a bet and a raise and be very scared and fold a lot of good hands. If you just call, however, he sees the bluffer jam and you call - that makes you hand look marginal, and the 3rd player may call or even raise with mediocre hands like top pair.

Three or more handed on the turn, you have the 2nd nuts but are afraid the first nuts is out. For example, maybe the board is a 4-flush and you have the K of suit, it's quite likely the A is out there but you're not sure. Another case would be if the board is two-paired (like 55TT) and you have the lower house. In both cases you're not afraid of any draws and you're either dominating or killed. You're first to act - you should check!!! If everyone checks through, or only a maniac bets and everyone else folds, you know your hand is very likely best. However, if you check and there's lots of action you can just dump your hand. On the other hand if you bet you could get a few calls and still have no idea if you're ahead. It's key here that you can't get outdrawn, and it's on the turn so if you miss value on the turn you can still get it on the river, and your hand is not big enough to bet the turn & river.

09-24-06 - 1

Near the bubble of a tournament I shove AQ to try to stay alive. A big stack calls with AT. That's a horrible call for him, it's very -EV. However, it's also -EV for me, because any race near the bubble is -EV. How can it be bad for both of us? Because it's +EV for everyone else, and in particular very ++EV for the very short stacks. Sigh.


09-23-06 - 1

How can I write data to disk quickly/incrementally and be sure that it is safely being flushed if my app crashes?

What I'd like to do is have my file handle open, prep all my data for writing a whole valid record, then flush out that record using an OS call that I know can't fail (or if it fails, the whole thing fails, never a partial failure). I'd like that write to be buffered, HOWEVER, I want the buffers to never flush partial records, or if my app crashes, I want Windows to completely flush the buffers to disk. Worst case if the computer is struck by lightning and suddenly powers off, I don't want partial records to be written. (I guess if the HD was actually in the process of writing when you power off that's going to screw you no matter what, but I want other failure cases to not happen).

eg. say my records are 3000 bytes long. Pretend Windows flushes buffers in 4k chunks. I write two records, the first 4k is flushed and the last 2k of the end record stays in the buffers. Now my computer powers off. The disk is left with a partial record written which is very bad.

I can't really find good information on how Windows manages it's file buffering and when exactly things are flushed and how it handles catastrophic shutdowns. It just says "when an app is terminated normally the buffers are flushed". Umm, what exactly is "normal" and how do you handle abnormal terminations? I think I can write my own buffered layer which is aware of the requirement of only writing integer number of records. In my case it's not a huge problem if I simply fail to write some records under abnormal termination, that's just losing the last few records, not corrupting my database.

Addendum : Two ideas :

1) Use "rename" ; basically write to a temp file then swap it ( details here ). My data file is huge (500 MB), so I'd have to double-buffer or something like that; there's some nasty step where you have to catch the mirror up with the other side which itself could fail.

2) Write separate files then occasionally collate to a copy. Instead of appending to one file, you have your base data file, "F1", then write all your records from a session to a new file "F2", etc.. each time you start up you read F1..FN. Occasionally you collate, F1+F2+F3.. -> Collated. At the end you rename Collated to F1 and delete F2->FN. If you ever crash while writing a file it might be corrupted and you just kill that file from the set.


09-21-06 - 1

Windows programming tip : you should basically never use SendMessage() , you should use SendMessageTimeout() instead. If you SendMessage() to an app that is locked up or for some reason not processing messages, your app will become locked up, which is lame and dumb.

In fact you should probably just drop this in any place you use SendMessage() :

LRESULT SafeSendMessage(   
	HWND hWnd,
    UINT Msg,
    WPARAM wParam,
    LPARAM lParam)
	DWORD dwResult;
	if ( SendMessageTimeout(hWnd,Msg,wParam,lParam,SMTO_NORMAL,5000,&dwResult) )
		return dwResult;
		// timed out !
		// (not sure what a good error value is here, return values for SendMessage() seem very nonstandardized)
		return (-1) ;

edit : I guess (0) is a better failure return because some important messages use TRUE/FALSE for success/failure. Stupid non-standardized message return values, this definitely is sucky. If your app is exception-safe, then a throw there is probably better because no return value works.


09-18-06 - 2

I got yet another bill from the hospital today. This is now the 4th bill and I'm going to fire bomb those mother fuckers.

09-18-06 - 1

+$1000, -$1600, +$600. Yay poker.


09-17-06 - 2

Really Really Free Market is right near me, I guess the next is Sept. 30, I love the idea, though it's not as useful as a ShareSpace.

Kevin's Hikes (previously linked) has the best bay area hikes guide.

09-17-06 - 1

Driving between here and King's Canyon I listened to a lot of news radio. I love listening to NPR but couldn't get it everywhere, and of course NPR is also full of garbage like that insufferable Terry Gross talking about the existential dilemma in the post-modern deconstruction of The Howard Stern show or some similar ridiculous intellectualization of purile entertainment. Anyway, I listened to some extremist talk shows. Most of the talk shows on the air are extreme right wing or Christian talk shows, especially out away from the cities. Most of us liberals live in cities where you'll have 2-3 NPR/Pacifica type stations, and then a few nutter stations scattered around, but not much. Out in the country, you usually have 2-3 Christian/right-wing stations, 2-3 music stations, and that's it, no other voices. Anyway, being in San Francisco, we also have several ridiculously left-wing stations as well.

Now, I consider NPR to be slightly left of "rational" (I won't use the term "center", since it's center of what? rational = unbiased, and NPR is slightly off; I think their new segments are if anything slightly right of center, but some of their talk shows are leftist). "Air America" is pretty far left and most of it is intolerable. In SF we also have lots of local liberal stations and they're quite awful. The liberal biased shows are usually a bit more subtle than the right wingers, but I find them equally disgusting. Their main tactic is the "harrumph", the verbal eye-roll, as in "We know the President cares about the black community, harrumph". It implies that the broadcaster and the listeners are in the know, that we're wise to the evil ways of those Republicans. They don't actually say anything on air, but they make constant implications that evil is afoot, like "you know who sponsored Zedillo, who passed NAFTA - Halliburton - uh huh" , WTF, first of all that sounds like nonsense and even if it's true it's an implication of an unrealistic massive conspiracy. They don't ever actually come out and say it, just these constant implications that aren't backed up, and it's very annoying.

Anyway, the right-wing/Christian radio is different, and for me it's almost funny. I listened to one program that was going on and on about how the ACLU was trying to destroy America. Not that they simply were destroying America, but rather that the whole goal of their actions was to intentionally bring about anarchy and hedonism and chaos and sin to bring down the good Christian way we should live. They'd site things like their campaign to remove ten commandments displays, then "you know what's next, they're trying to stop the Supreme Court from opening it's sessions with 'In Gods Name' , oh my, lord help us". Wowza. Another station was going on and on about how the courts are this horrible unconstitutional force which keep thwarting the will of the people. They mentioned Prop 187 which was passed in CA and then a court overturned as unconstitutional, they ranted about how the liberal courts are taking away the power from the people, etc.

As usual, listening to the right wing talk shows scare the crap out of me. The things they say are just funny, but to imagine people out there listening to it and nodding along just terrifies me. It's funny to me that for the most part the liberal shows are almost guilty about getting too ridiculous - they try not to say their insane thoughts too explicitly because they fear being held accountable; the nutty right wingers just go all out. The weird thing about modern America is that those nutty right wingers aren't simply dismissed and ignored as crackpots, instead they redefine the "right" and the "center" becomes somewhere way out of whack.


09-16-06 - 4

Greetings from the Salton Sea has some super cool photos, but the site is so awful it ruins the viewing experience.

09-16-06 - 3

The best investments I see in the 10-20 year time frame are : In the US : geriatric care and health care, old folks communities, especially more active and yuppie type of stuff for the aging boomers, non-surgical medical centers, "active" retirement communities, etc. Global : post-manufacturing in India & China, companies that will ride the boom as they transition to white collar, IT companies, higher end consumer/retail, outsourcing & manpower companies.

09-16-06 - 2

Fuck, I'm really sick. Dan's been sick since I got back from King's and now I have it. Life sucks when you're sick.

Oh shit, Dan just told me her friend she hung out with a few days ago has Pneumonia. With my new found hate for the robbing fucking scammer hospitals it looks like Jim Henson's fate for me!

09-16-06 - 1

Bob Ney (the confessed corrupt Republican recipient of Abramoff and others' gold) mentioned that he received several thousand dollars of casino chips from a business man. I'm an idiot, I never realized casino chips must be a *huge* common way of passing money around off the books. "business man" goes to the casino and cashes in $100k or so for chips, he gambles a while and pockets $10k, then goes back to the cage and cashes out $90k. On his books he declares a gambling loss of $10k. He goes to the congressman and passes the chips. Congressman goes to gamble and buys in for $100k. He takes the chips out gradually and leaves up $10k and declares it gambling winnings. Now, the casinos would have this on tape, but A) pocketting chips is common and not necessarilly shady, people do it all the time as just a way of holding their chips, and walking out with chips is mostly not stopped, and B) the tapes are only on a 24 hour loop or so, it's not like they'll be on file for people to go back and examine. It's a nice clean way of passing money off the record.


09-15-06 - 3

King's Canyon was nice, I went up Paradise Valley which is just gorgeous. The car-camping down in the canyon is not that great, but on the plus side it was like totally empty so that minimizes disturbances and such. (on a related note : people should not be allowed to show up after dark, they should just fucking close the gate at 8 PM and if you left too late, too bad for you; the headlights and noise of people showing up and talking and setting up their tent for an hour because it's fucking dark). The backpacking there seems amazing, I'd love to do Rae Lakes some day (click each day for great photos). I made it to Upper Paradise and back in a day, which was tough. I went swimming, but the water is freezing cold, which is unfortunate, if not for that the lakes above would be very apealing. I didn't get over to Alta Peak because the drive from King's to Sequoia is actually really long, like an hour, which was too much trouble.

AutoStitch seems to do a better job than the crappy ass ACDSee stitcher that came with my camera. It's got a real good stitcher algorithm core, but the GUI is rotten since it's a free research project. It would be usable except that you have to re set the options every time you use it (make sure you set Scale to 100% and change the JPEG quality to 95 or 99 or something).

Also - DO NOT UPGRADE TO THE NEW QUICKTIME !! QuickTime 7.whatever has disabled all sorts of features and made them only available in the Pro version. Those fucking cocks, they're just going to make QT even more hated than it already is, kill it like GIF. You can no longer view QT movies in full screen. I only care because I have some QT "VR" 360 degree panoramas and I can't see them fullscreen any more which ruins the effect.

09-15-06 - 2

So Apple's going to have this wireless TV thing. I wonder how they're doing it? We had this discussion at Oddworld a long time ago, because I have the dream that all electronics should be wireless, and we concluded the two big problems were 1) power and 2) video. They claim they can do DVD quality video, so let's say 720x480 at 30 fps. The bandwidth needed is 720x480x3x30 = 31 Megabytes/second. That's massive bandwidth for wireless and I can only assume they're not actually doing that. Perhaps they're sending it compressed and decoding in the receiver. If you compress around 30:1 it's conceivable. High computer monitor bandwidth is of course even worse. Say I want my 1920x1200 at 80 fps and of course I won't tolerate compression artifacts at all, I need 1900x1200x3x80 = about 250 Megabytes/second.

09-15-06 - 1

I file as a pro in California, which means I pay a hefty state tax as well as self employment tax. My total tax burden is greater than 50%, which obviously I'd like to reduce in some sort of legal way. These are the best things I've thought of :

1. Move to a state without income tax, or that doesn't tax poker. Anyone have a list?

2. Get a job so I'm not "pro" and thus don't pay SE tax. eg. it's much better to make 70k at a job + 70k at poker rather than make 150k at poker.

3. Move to a country that doesn't tax gambling. Anyone know the rules on paying US taxes if you live abroad all year?


09-11-06 - 5

I'm leaving tomorrow to go camping in King's Canyon, in Cedar Grove. I haven't been there since I was a kid; my family lived in LA and we used to drive in our big old station wagon up to Yosemite, Sequoia, etc. for camping trips. I plan on doing the Paradise Valley hike and the Alta Peak hike.

For some reason I'm wanting to go backpacking. I've never really wanted to before, I like the convenience of car camping & day hikes, but right now I'd really like to get out into the deep wilderness all alone.

Last Tuesday we went to the "Drawing Restrain / Mathew Barney" exhibit at SFMOMA. It was the free day so the place was packed. It occured to me that in that situation you can go on the free day with people around, or you can pay for the right to not be around other humans. The crowd wasn't so bad that there were any lines or problems, just

09-11-06 - 4

If you play poker and for some reason didn't get this :

The U.S. Senate is Seeking to Ban Online Poker
PPA Phone March on Capitol Hill Scheduled for Sept. 12

Dear PPA Member: 

Your urgent action is needed! On September 12th the Poker Players Alliance with the support of leading poker blogs and forums, PocketFives.com, Wicked Chops Poker and others are organizing a �Phone March" on Capitol Hill. From 9:00 AM Eastern Time, until 5:30 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 12th, we are asking all PPA members and anyone interested in defending poker to call this toll free number, 800-289-1136 and be patched through to one of your two U.S. Senators in Washington D.C. When you call the 800 number you will hear a recording from fellow PPA member Greg �Fossilman" Raymer and then you will be prompted to enter your five digit zip code so you can be directed, free of charge, to your Senator�s office. 

Note: The 800 number will only be active between 9:00 AM EST and 5:30 PM EST on Tuesday September 12.

Key points you should make:

* I am voter in your state.
* I strongly oppose any legislation that would prohibit online poker, and urge the Senator to vote against such legislation.
* Poker is a skill game enjoyed by 70 Million Americans. 
* The Senator should seek to regulate online poker much like the government regulates other forms of gaming, like lotteries.
* Prohibitions don�t work. Any legislation that tries to ban online poker will only drive those players underground.
* Again, I urge the Senator to oppose any attempts to prohibit me from playing the great American game of poker on the Internet.

The threat to poker is real. Please forward this information to everyone you know who cares about poker and an American�s freedom to use the Internet. We need everyone possible to make their voice heard on September 12th!


Michael Bolcerek
Poker Players Alliance 

For those of you who don't care about poker, you should still be sickened by this effort. It's primarily the Republicans who are trying to crack down on online poker + sports books. However, they have no problem with regular casinos, horse racing, online horse wagering, online lotteries, or Indian casinos. Why don't they have a problem with those? Because those sectors are huge campaign donators to Republicans. Of course Abramoff and Ralph Reed are some of the most public/awful examples, but those sectors have been huge donors for a long time, buying casino rights and making sure the laws were friendly. Now, those sectors are worried the online boom is stealing their business, so they get their friends in DC to help. The politicians also see it as a way to take a "moral stand" on an issue that not many people care about, just like all the grandstanding about violence in video games or burning the flag or gay marriage and other pointless posing which can rile up the moral crazies in attempt to get voters out. Our fucking government makes me so sick.

09-11-06 - 3

Every time I go to the hospital lately, I pay my copay when I'm there and my insurance pays. Then a month later I get a bill from the "Physicians Association", then another month later I get a bill from the hospital saying my insurance didnt pay everything and there's more I need to pay. Fucking whores. It makes me want to just randomly send people bills. Whenever I go anywhere, before I buy anything I'll give you a ten page form to sign before I do business with you. One of the terms is that I can later bill you for services. Then I send out bills for my conversation time and things like that. Fucking whores.

09-11-06 - 2

For me, watching TV is a social experience. I'm always trying to recreate the experience of watching silly shows with my family, or watching sports games at a bar where everyone is knowledgeable & rooting for the team. It's not a social experience in that you sit around and talk about things unrelated to the TV, you're watching first, chatting second, and chat is primarily related to the show or making fun of it. It's very rare that I can actually find people to do this with in real life, but I've recently discovered that watching TV & chatting online is very similar. People are knowledgeable, some are dumb and you make fun of them, people make jokes and post links related to the show. It's good times.

09-11-06 - 1

I think I've gotten back to "smart hacking" in coding. I had a bug in my poker helper that it would weirdly set the bet value repeatedly. I tried to debug for a second and then just said screw it - when I set the bet value I flip a bool and don't do it again until action comes back to you, problem solved. There may be a real bug lurking, but who cares, this is 100x faster. Now, if this were mission-critical software I wouldn't want to do that, and back when I was a lead I never wanted to let this kind of hack bug fixing in, though I would sometimes. It is a good idea to forbid this in your core systems, something like a rasterizer or a thread switcher, you want to really be sure that your routines are doing exactly what they claim to be doing. However, in leaf/functionality code it's perfectly okay to patch over some functionality or hack over a bug. Obviously in big code bases those hacks can spread and you have to be vigilant about that as well, but that doesn't mean you should never make use of the hack.

It is by will alone I place a hack in my code.
It is by refactoring that the code is kept clean,
  the cleanliness ensures maintainability, the maintainability provides stability.
It is by will alone I place a hack in my code.


09-10-06 - 3

feed43 has an automated RSS feed of my page.

Thatcher has this cool textweb thing which now can output RSS atoms and has a nice text-like editting language which is how I like it.

In the end though, the RSS is only a small part of WordPress or whatever, I want the whole comment database thing because I think y'all the readers could add a lot of value here. Like I said, WordPress can import RSS atoms, but it only imports new ones, not changes, which sort of blows, but maybe I could learn to live with that.

09-10-06 - 2

All I want is to live somewhere hot with a nice natural place to swim.

09-10-06 - 1

Ironic things : 1. drinking "Smart Water" is really dumb. 2. Lesbians like women, not men, yet they choose the most manly of women.


09-09-06 - 1

Wow, it seems like a great time to buy a bunch of Neteller stock. Neteller provides financial transaction for poker sites. It's currently in the crapper because of all the fear about the recent arrests of sportsbook executive and worry about the bill to ban online gambling. It's now trading at 370, down from 600 two months ago. Neteller stock . You could make a similar bet on PartyGaming, but Neteller seems to be much more strongly affected.


09-08-06 - 2

Games aren't fun when you're really good at them. Games are fun when you feel like you can be creative and make interesting moves, surprise someone, etc. When you've got it analyzed exactly to know the right & wrong move at each point, it's no longer "fun", it's just a challenging exercise to see if you can make the moves you should. This is true of poker, but it's also true of other games. "Risk" is fun when you can try different things, but if were trying to calculate the probability of successfully taking various provinces, the EV of various positions, it would just be a lot of annoying work.

09-08-06 - 1

If you gamble and want to keep it legal, help out and email your senators with an easy form letter.


09-06-06 - 2

We saw CocoRosie last night at the GAMH. It was cool. The GAMH is an awesome venue, it's an old night club from the Victorian boom of SF with marble, etc.

09-06-06 - 1

Okay, so I hate making comparisons to Nazis/Hitler as much as the next guy, but I think it's quite illustrative at the moment. Germany in the 30's was in a severe depression, even worse than the one in the US, and the populace was angry. Nobody wants to accept that these things are because of economic cycles, or their own foolish investing, and certainly the robber barron capitalists don't want any of the blame pointed at them. So, you create scapegoats. It makes you feel better to blame someone else, and gives you something to "accomplish" to "fix" the problem when the true fixes are unsavory. The Nazis/Hitler pointed the blame basically at everyone non-aryan, Jews, Russians, the French, etc. This was very popular with people who could pretend that if that problem was solved their country would be good and strong again.


09-05-06 - 4

WTF is the deal with all the BitTorrent clients? There are like hundreds of different clients and they all seem identical except that many of them suck or are broken. Why don't people just use the main/real client!? No comprendo.

09-05-06 - 3

If you can make a big bet so that villains fold good draws but call with worse made hands, that's awesome, because instead of having 60% equity or whatever instead you have 80-90% equity or more.

09-05-06 - 2

Here are some hands I played today, output by my new program that makes nice HTML formatted poker hands. Woot printf roxors.

On a technical note : I make use of these little suit images that I'd rather not host myself. Is there some public site where I can stash them? I know about imageshack et.al. but those things kill the images after a while. I want some big public site I can stick the little buggers on. Maybe I could upload them to a yahoo web page or something and reference to that.

Villain here was a solid TAG, but his line just doesn't make sense for a big hand, so I called, and what do you know...

No Limit Hold'em Ring Game (6 max) , 5 players
Blinds : $1/$2

UTG : $200
Hero : $537.24
Button : $36
SB : $201.70
BB : $246.66

Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is CO with 7 7
UTG limps, Hero raises to $10, Button calls, SB calls, BB folds, UTG calls.

Flop: 6 4 5 (42$, 4 players)
SB folds, UTG checks, Hero bets $32, Button folds, UTG raises to $190 (all-in), Hero calls ($158).

Turn: T (422$, 2 players)
River: A (422$, 2 players)
Results: (final pot $422)
UTG shows 4 3 (One Pair)
Hero wins $420 with 7 7 (One Pair)

Here's another one where I take someone to PWNTOWN. 90% of the time you should fold the river here, but there's no hand he could play like this that beats me, except maybe 44.

No Limit Hold'em Ring Game (6 max) , 4 players
Blinds : $1/$2

UTG : $249.75
Button : $230.76
SB : $201
Hero : $401.39

Pre-flop: (4 players) Hero is BB with A K
UTG raises to $9, Button calls, SB folds, Hero calls.

Flop: 2 6 J (28$, 3 players)
Hero checks, UTG checks, Button checks.

Turn: 4 (28$, 3 players)
Hero checks, UTG bets $15, Button folds, Hero calls.

River: K (58$, 2 players)
Hero bets $33, UTG raises to $100, Hero calls ($67).

Results: (final pot $258)
UTG shows 9 9 (One Pair)
Hero wins $256 with A K (One Pair)

09-05-06 - 1

So I'm back to thinking - should I try to sell my poker app? I could probably sell for around $40 to around 1000 people for $40k , mostly profit. But, I imagine all the little things & support would take a lot of time. In that amount of time I could probably make about the same playing poker.

Pros to working on the app : better for the resume, possible upside if it somehow goes bigger into the more mainstream poker market (not just hardcore).

Pros to just playing poker : if I can actually get better and move up my win rate could shoot way up.

There's a new app out called "Sixth Sense" which basically does some of the things I've been doing all along. Those bastards charge $30/month (!!). The release of this disturbs me on various levels. 1) They're making $$ that I'm not. 2) They may get the market share and hold it. 3) If it becomes big, Party will change it software to make this stuff impossible.


09-04-06 - 1

Chicago IL, 09-08 to 09-10 is the Hideout Block Party, looks phenomenal, go there.


09-03-06 - 1

Amplifiers should have a non-linear volume knob, sort of like a logarithmic dB scale. You want a lot of fine control close to zero, but don't need such control up high.


09-02-06 [poker] - 1

There's something about aggression & betting in Hold'em that just magically makes you win. The weird thing about it is there are two totally opposing factors, but they somehow both work out. I'm talking generally about "marginal" hands here, hands that might be best, but are not big hands, but not junk either. Something like T9 or 99 on a T54 board.

Betting these hands is great because : 1) people with similar hands will fold, rather than making you fold. For example, if you have 99 on a T54 board, and your opponent has 88. Either one of you might bet the flop and the other might call. Now whichever one bets the turn probably wins the pot. You have effectively the same hand, but the more aggressive wins a decent size pot. Most people even fold a hand like TJ to a turn bet there. Over time all those pots you win when you have effectively the same hand add up since you will often both have marginal hands.

2) people with awful hands will call. For example people will call with A5, 67 (draw), even gutshots, underpairs like 22. They call and you figure you must be losing but you get to showdown and are shocked to be ahead.

The weird thing here is that 1 & 2 are totally contradictorary. It's profitable because people fold similar or better hands, it's also profitable because people call down with garbage and pay you off.

* betting has positive selection bias * raising preflop selects for loose players; when loose = bad, that's good * if a coin flips heads N times it's more likely the one biased towards heads

09-02-06 - 2

I can't believe I never thought of this, but it's really trivial to have spam-free email. All you need is 3 seperate email accounts.

#1. Your personal email. You never post it publicly anywhere, you just give it to friends. The address never changes.

#2. Your legitimate corporate email. You use this to register with your bank, etc. Since they're untrustable spamming whores, this email address is not safe. You still probably check it every day, but when it becomes tainted you just drop it and get a new one.

#3. Your temp/junk email. This is for use when registering at web sites, etc. basically all the very unsafe uses where you just need an email address and don't actually ever want email from them. You don't even check this in your normal email client.

09-02-06 - 1

We put our houseplants outside today to water them. We left them there for about an hour so the water could drain before we took them back in. Someone stole them. I actually suspect that the villain thought they were being given away. It's common practice around here for people to put things out on the street that they're trying to give away. They were nice plants.


09-01-06 - 6

ZOMG LOLOLOLOLOL Super Mario Parondy . u r gay if u dont roflcopter.

09-01-06 - 5

I absolutely love getting around the city via bicycle. However, so-called "track bikes" (single speed bikes) are *not* cool. I know you hipsters love to get them in different colors to match your pumas and messenger bags, but you look totally uncool when you have to get off and walk them up or down hills (or try to ride them down hill and crash LOLOL).

Single speed bikes have no gears, no derailleur, no shifters, and the ones favored by hipsters have no hand brakes. That's all okay as long as you're on flat ground, but SF is full of crazy hills, and single speeds = the suck. Gears and derailleurs are AWESOME, they were invented for a reason and we are lucky to have them. Going down the steep hills with no front break is dangerous, and the way you break on single speeds with your feet makes it tricky, you have to sort of let your feet turn slowly, if you just lock your feet you will skid.

Single speeds are used on the track because 1) tracks are flat and you know what speed you will be going so you can just choose the gear that gives you your desired BPM at that speed, 2) track bikes are designed for minimum weight and air resistance and dropping the derailleur and cassette helps a bit there, 3) single speeds have a tiny bit less slip in the drivetrain so slightly more of your leg power is transformed into motion. These factors do not exist on the street.

Regardless, I'm still a bit jealous of how pretty they are when I see them go by. A single speed would be a good thing to have at Burning Man since that dust plays havoc on brakes and gears and such.

09-01-06 - 4

Poker. Yesterday I was -$700, today +$1000. LOL variance. Also I made some great plays and some awful plays.

This is me playing good and taking advantage of the other TAGs : LOL over-aggressive TAG . ("TAG" = "Tight Aggressive" and it refers to the other multi-tabling regulars who do this seriously).

This is me playing bad and *BEING* the over-aggressive TAG : Puke SPEW

09-01-06 - 3

There are some pretty sweet HDTV torrents which are nice on my widescreen 24" Dell, but all the ones I've found so far are some mpeg/avi that's compressed to shit and is full of artifacts, which somewhat spoils the effect of the high res. Sure for still graphics like title characters you get nice crisp images, but with actual motion TV it's quickly block artifact city. Looks like Amazon is going to be selling high quality downloads, hopefully that will lead to them being available on the torrent scene.

09-01-06 - 2

I think it's hillarious when Democracy Now is playing that bouncy background/intro music "da na danana da da da, na dana da da na na" , anyhoo and Amy is reading the news summary over it and it's like "Today we talk with the mother of an Iraqi girl who was decapitated and whose severed head was fucked in the eye sockets by US soldiers" and the music just bounces away. Lovely.

09-01-06 - 1

I've been learning about Freegans . I admire a lot of what they stand for. I'm definitely down for the voluntary joblessness ;)

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