05-08-15 - Bernie Sanders For President

I just watched the Daily Show where Jon just makes fun of Bernie for being unknown and looking/sounding a bit like an older Larry David, without mentioning anything about the fact that Bernie is fucking awesome. Bernie's announcement of "okay let's keep this short, I have to get back to work" is fucking awesome typical Bernie and it's what our politicians should be saying. They should be doing fucking work instead of making elaborate announcement pageants. They should actually be reading and writing laws instead of letting lobbyists and aides do it all for them.

Bernie Sanders is fucking amazing. If you haven't had the great pleasure of hearing him talk at length, go do it now. He is the best politician since I don't even know fucking who (*). I have never in my lifetime heard a single politician that actually speaks honestly and intelligently about the issues. Not talking points. Not just a bunch of bullshit promises. Not just verbal gymnastics to avoid the point. Actually directly talks about the issue in a realistic and pragmatic way.

(* = I have seen video of things like the Nixon-Kennedy debates in which politicians actually talk about issues and try to pin each other down on points of policy, rather than scoring "gotchas" and "applause points". I understand that back in the olden days, pandering to cheap emotional vagaries would get you pilloried in the press as "evasive" or "not serious". I've never seen it in my life.)

Even if you're conservative and don't agree with his views, it should be a fucking breath of fresh air for anyone with any fucking scrap of humanity and decency and intelligence to see a politician that refuses to play the games, refuses to pander to the shitty mass-applause points and the special-interest hate groups and most of all corporate money.

Even though Bernie won't win, I want every single debate to be just Bernie. I don't want to hear a single fucking vapid scripted garbage word from any of the other shit-heads. Just let Bernie talk the whole time.

I disagree with Bernie on some points. He tends to be rather more traditional liberal pro-union pro-manufacturing than I necessarily think is wise. But it's easy to get distracted by the disagreement and miss the point - here is a politician that's actually talking about issues and facts. Even if he gets them wrong sometimes at least he's trying to address real solutions. (this is one of the tricks of most other politicians - don't ever actually propose anything concrete, because then it can be attacked, instead just talk about "hope" or "liberty" or say "America fuck yeah!")

It's classic Bernie that he chose to run as a democrat so that he wouldn't be a spoiler ala Nader. It's just totally realistic, pragmatic, to the point. I fucking love Bernie Sanders.

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Get corporate money out of politics! Elections should be publicly funded only! Stop lobbyists from writing laws! Free trade agreements should not supercede national laws! Corporations are not human beings! Government exists for the service of its citizens! Stop privatizing profit while leaving the government on the hook for risks and long term consequences! And so on.

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