04-24-15 - Typical Email Experience

I write very careful emails with clear points and specific questions, something like :

Hello, yes blah blah some stuff.  I need to know these points :

1. What about A?

2. There is also b?

3. and finally C?

and I usually get a response like :

Yep, great!

Umm. WTF. You are fucking fired from your job, from life, from the planet, go away.

Yep to what? There were THREE questions in there. And none of them was really a yes/no question anyway. WTF.

So I'll try to be polite and send back something like -

Thanks for the response; yes, to what exactly?  Did you mean yes to A?

Also I still need to know about B & C.

and then I'll get a response like :

Ok, on B we do this and that.

Umm. Okay, that's better. We got one answer, but THERE WERE THREE FUCKING QUESTIONS. I fucking numbered them so you could count them. That means I need three answers.

Sometimes I'll get a response like :

Ramble ramble, some unrelated stuff, sort of answer maybe A and C but not exactly, some
other rambling.

Okay. Thanks for writing a lot of words, but I HAD SPECIFIC FUCKING QUESTIONS.

This is basic fucking professionalism.

Jesus christ.


Yann Collet said...

Basic professional email rule :
Never merge 3 questions into one single mail.

Yeah, I know, it sucks...

cbloom said...


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