04-20-15 - Vitamin D

This post is a month or two too late, since we're now into the sun-times (I hope, fingers crossed), but anyway.

Everybody knows when you move to Seattle and get SAD you have to take vitamin D. So all these years I've been taking a few Vit D pills every day in the winter.

Recently my hair has been falling out, which has never happened to me before. I was pretty sure it was just stress, but I thought hey WTF may as well get a blood test and see if anything is wrong. So I get a blood test. Everything is normal, except -

My vit D levels were way way below normal. There's a normal range (3-7) and I was like a 1.

I was like, WTF? I take 1-2 vit D pills every day.

Turns out those pills are 1000 IU each, so I was taking 1-2000 IU. I thought that was a hell of a lot (it's ten million percent of the US RDA). Nope, not a lot. My doc said I could take 8000-10,000 IU to get my levels back up to normal, then maintenance was more like 5000 IU.

So, I started taking big doses, and BOOM instant happiness. More energy, less depression.

I still fucking hate the gray and the wet. (I recently got some foot fungus from hiking on a rainy day. I hate the fucking wet. I'd like to live on Arrakis and never see a single drop of rain again in my life.) But hey with proper vit D dosing I don't want to kill myself every day. Yay.

Pound that D, yo!


Sander van Rossen said...

It might also be interesting to know that taking Vitamin D decreases your cancer risk by 50% .. ;)

Rich Geldreich said...

I'm still recovering my vitamin D levels from my 5 virtually sun-less years in Bellevue at Valve. And I was taking a bunch of vit D3.

Now I have the opposite problem - there's so much sun here in Dallas right now that I need sunscreen or I get fried.

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