03-24-14 - GDC 2014 Aftermath

The Saturday after GDC, I took BART to Richmond to get on an Amtrak train.

(I got on the wrong train; lol; Amtrak trains have no signs or anything indicating which train they are. So I'm standing on the platform waiting, and at about the right time a train pulls up. Everyone on the platform gets on, and there's no announcement or anything so I just hop on. Nobody takes tickets at the door. Eventually a train guy walks through to check tickets and tells me I'm on the wrong train. Oops. It was my first time on Amtrak I think; it was pretty dang nice actually; if they had car-carrying trains I would use that to avoid long freeway treks).

Got on the right train and took it to Sacramento and just got to a bank before 1 PM. Bought an E46 M3. Immediately pointed it north on the 5 and drove all the way to Seattle.

(took one tiny detour to drive some mountain roads near Shasta; just had to open her up a tiny bit. Yum yum fucking yum. What a car.)

Woot. So exhausted from the combined GDC + drive, but happy to be home with the wonderful family, spring flowers blooming, and my dream car in the garage.

... and back to work. Sigh.


Aaron said...

Woo hoo awesome! Getting something you *really want* is such a great feeling.

cbloom said...

Yah. Especially after looking for *ages*.

Marshall Pierce said...

Very cool! You've been looking for a very long time. (And I guess I've been reading this blog for a very long time!) As a fellow E46 fan, I'm curious to know what you decided on.

MH said...

Sigh, I miss that car.

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