09-27-13 - Playlist for Rainy Seattle

Who the fuck turned the lights out in the world? Hello? I'm still here, can you turn the lights back on please?

Playlist for the gray :

(Actually now that I think about it, "playlist for the gray" is really just the kind of music I listened to when I was young (and, apparently, depressed). It reminds me of sitting in the passenger seat of a car, silent, looking out the window, it's raining, the world passing.)

Music request :

Something I've been seeking for a while and am having trouble finding : really long repetitive tracks. Preferably analog, not techno or dance music. Like some guitar strumming and such. Not pure drone, not just like one phrase repeated over and over, but a song, a proper song, just a really long version of that song. And not some awful Phish crap either; I don't mean "jazz" or anything with long improvs that get away from the basic song structure. I don't want big Mogwai walls of sound or screeching anything either; nothing experimental; I hate songs that build to a big noise crescendo, no no, just keep the steady groove going. Just regular songs, But that go on and on.

Any pointers appreciated. Particularly playlists or "best of" lists on music sites. There must be some DJ kid doing super-long remixes of classic rock songs, right? Where is he?

Some sort of in the right vein examples :

Neu! - Hallogallo (10 min)
Traffic - Mr Fantasy Live (11 min) (maybe not a great example, too solo-y)
YLT - Night Falls on Hoboken (17 min)


nothings said...

Therapy? - Magic Mountain

Note that if you don't like the crunchy part at th beginning, skip to 1:00; the rest of the song is less aggressive.

The above link is the "sample version", the album version doesn't have the voice samples (which i prefer), but i didn't see it on youtube.

Brad Sweder said...


Brad Sweder said...

Superheroes of BMX

pirk said...

The long version of The XX - Intro works for me.

cbloom said...

@Brad - Brad! Canadian longshoremen love Mogwai.

@pirk - yeah that works for me. But it should be like 20 minutes.

Actually I should probably just write a program that takes a song and makes an infinite-length version of it. Sort of like the infinite video clips thing; decompose it into snippets and then recompose them randomly where they transition well, etc.

Brad Sweder said...

OK, I've got this. Its only around 9 minutes, but it can be looped forever i think. Hope you are doing well and congrats on Baby :)

Sleep - Bardo Pond

nothings said...

20 minutes? Here's pirk's "The XX" track at 10 hours instead of 7 minutes!

sanmayce said...

Hi Mr.Bloom,
this one strengthens the thoughts:

Also check out 'Thievery Corporation' at:
There are 3 excellent songs, at least.

Not by the way you are welcome to my latest best MEMMEM at:

I believe, seeing you talking of branching, you can come up with some boost, not having an i7 test machine limits my attempts.


Jonathan Blow said...

There is of course the classic excessively-long song:


Probably not much like what you want though. Really Neu just needs to come back and record more even-longer songs.

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