09-12-13 - Health Insurance

We've got a bunch of health insurance bills from baby and related care, and several of them have fraudulent up-coding or double-billing. But it's sort of a damned-if-you-whatever situation. Either you :

1. Fight it, spend lots of time on hold on the phone, filling out forms, talking to assholes who won't help you. Probably get nowhere and be stressed and angry the whole time.

2. Just pay it and try to "let it go". The money's not that huge and peace of mind is worth it. But in fact feel defeated and like a pussy for letting them get away with robbing you. Become less of a man day by day as you are crushed by the indefeatable awfulness of the world.

Though I suppose those are generally your only two options when fighting beaurocracy. It's just that health care is more important to our lives, our wallets, and generally the health of the entire economy as it becomes an increasing tax on all of us.

We walked through some local street fair a few weeks ago, and saw one of the doctors who's fraudulently billed us; he was being all smiley, oo look at me I'm part of the community, I'm your nice neighborhood doctor man. I wanted to just punch him in the face.

Also : Republicans are retarded pieces of shit. How could you possibly be seriously opposed to tearing apart our entire health care sector and rebuilding from scratch with cost controls and a public option? They're either morons (unaware of their evil), or assholes (aware and intentionally evil). Oh yes, it's wonderful that we have choice and competition in this robust and functioning health care economy. Oh no, wait, actually we don't have that at all. We have a corrupt government-private conspiracy, which you have intentionally created, which is screwing over everyone in America except for the heads of the health care industry (and the politicians that take their money). Sigh. Time to go back to pretending that nothing exists outside my home, because it's all just too depressing.

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cbloom said...

3. Write a nasty review about them on some web site.

That'll teach 'em! I'm winning!

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