09-02-13 - DEET

About to go camping for a few days. Discovered that the DEET has eaten its way through the original tube it came in, through a few layers of ziplocs, and out into my tub of camping stuff where it gladly ate a hole in my thermarest. Fucking DEET !

I guess after every trip I need to take the deet out and put it in a glass jar by itself. Or in a toxic waste containment facility or some shit. It's nasty stuff. Still better than mosquitos.


Aaron said...

Hey, if you're feeling adventurous, give sesame oil a try (if your aim is anti-mosquito). Seems to have worked for us last few outings, but I'd love to see if it works for anyone else, or if we're just psyching ourselves into believing in it :)

Plus it makes you smell like delicious Taiwanese fried chicken.

Aaron said...
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DEET supposedly causes cancer too.

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