08-27-13 - Email Woes

I'm having some problem with emails. Somewhere between gmail and my verio POP host, some emails are just not getting through.

If you send me an important email and I don't reply, you should assume I didn't get it. Maybe send it again with return-receipt to make sure. (if you send me a "funny" link and I don't reply, GTFO)

Fucking hell, I swear everyone is fired. How is this so hard. Sometimes I think that the project I should really be working on (something that would actually be important and make a difference in the world to a lot of people) is making a new internet from scratch. Fully encrypted and peer-to-peer so governments can never monitor it, and no corporate overlord controls the backbone, and text-only so fucking flash or whatever can never ruin it. Maybe no advertising either, like the good old days. But even if I built it, no one would come because it wouldn't have porn or lolcats or videos of nut-shots.

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