08-26-13 - OMG E46 M3's have the best ads

Everyone knows that E46 M3's attract an amazing demographic . I'm still occasionally keeping my eye out for them (I can't face the minivan!) , and you come across the most incredible ads for these things.

Check this one out :

2004 E46 Bmw Laguna Blue M3

OMG it starts so good and then just gets better and better. Like you can't believe that he can top his last sentence, and then he just blows it away. Amazing. (if it's fake, it's fucking brilliant)

In white for when that expires (fucking useless broken ass piece of shit internet can't even hold some text permanently, what a fakakta load of crap everything in this life is, oy) :

Hello i got my baby blue BMW m3. Finally decided to sell. You will never find a cleaner BMW i promise. Best deal for best car. -black on black -6 speed manual -66,435 miles (all freeway) (half city)(1/2country) never racetracked. -Rebuilt title( -fixed by my brother Yuri with quality shop, he did good job). -19 inch wheels perfect for race, burnout, drift. I never do.. I promise. -AC blows hard like Alaska. -333hp but i put intake and its now 360hp at least, trust me. Powerfull 3,2 engine almost as fast as Ferarri 360. You dont believe? Look it up, youtube i have video! I can show you in the test drive.. You will feel like king on the roads... Trust me. This car puts you in extasy feeling. The pistons push hard. sometimes i say, "Big mistake- big payment, sucks job". But for you this the best because i believe ur serious. I keep it very clean, oil change every 20,000 miles. Ladies like it. My wife is mad sell, because she drives to work everyday, in seattle, and likes the power. I say we buy toyota and go vacation to Hawai. CASH ONLY( no credit, debit , fake checks, paypal, ebay, trade only for mercedes AMG, i like power. No lowball, serious buyers only, im tired of low balls offers, so please serious. I have pictures here. Thank you. I love the car so i could keep it if you dont want it. And go to casino to make payment. Im good with blackjack.

You dont believe? Look it up, youtube i have video!


Aaron said...

That has to be fake. 2/3 of the visitors we saw on Mt. Rainier over the weekend were Russian and none of them talked like that.

Oil change every 20,000 miles WTF!!!?!?

You should totally call this dude just to see. Record it please.

My brother Yuri. Hahha. No way.

Wolfie said...

Its a horrid little car.

I think you deserve better.

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