06-04-13 - Reader Replacement

Can anyone suggest a good Reader replacement? (WTF Google, seriously).

I tried a few of the Win32 RSS Readers and absolutely hated them; they all tried to be too fancy and out-feature each other. I don't want anything that has its own built-in html renderer. I certainly don't want you to recommend related feeds to me or anything like that. I just want a list of my RSS subscriptions and show me the ones with unread updates, then I'll click it and you can open the original page in Firefox. (even Google Reader is too fancy for my taste; I don't like the in-Reader view of the feed, which often renders wrong; just open the source page in a new tab).

(actually I suppose I don't really care for RSS at all; don't send me the text of an update, all I want is a date stamp of last update so I can see when it changes).

Anyway, suggestions please.

Also if someone knows a webmail + spam filter that can integrate with a POP3 reader, I would drop gmail too, and be happy about my pointless solitary boycott of Google.


Zahir said...

I moved to http://theoldreader.com/, it is usability is based on early versions of google-reader. there aren't many fancy features. It took a while for my import to take effect tho.

Nate said...

Here is a big list of the alternatives:


Unknown said...

I'm using Opera's built in RSS reader. Very rudimentary - just as I like it.

So maybe there's a good add-on RSS reader for Firefox?

MaciejS said...

The Old Reader seems to be the closest to Google Reader.

nereus said...

The wife and I settled on feedly. I am awaiting the excitement when the reader infrastructure shuts down; I suspect it will not be painless.

As for email, just suck it up and run your own server, with postfix + spamassassin + dovecot + thunderbird for the client. I am amazed at the spam google lets through.

Yeah, I know. Too risky, too PITA. Never do it. But everyone knows now that convenience has real costs (if not monetary, immediately), and those costs are inexorably increasing.

If feedly starts costing me, even if just meta costs, it's off to tiny tiny rss I go. Hi ho.

Hook said...

Feedly is what I use for reader.

For mail, a ton of people have recommended Fastmail.fm -- it has the benefit of being commercial but cheap so you don't deal with ads.

cbloom said...

theoldreader looks fine, thanks guys

yoleo looks okay too

Pavel Tumik said...

try this one:
very close to google reader.

Cory said...

Can't trust anyone. Wrote my own: http://www.unprompted.com/dev/news

sylvain-v said...

Feed Sidebar inside of Firefox?

Tom Forsyth said...

Thunderbird's RSS reader is acceptably brief.

newt0311 said...

Have you tried newsbeuter? Text based but oh so clean and fast.

open an article: o
next article: n

David said...

I like feedly too.

David Christie said...

NewsBlur is good. It has a 'Story' view mode where the original page is shown (instead of the feed text).

Blaine Allen Brown said...

I'm not a fan of webapps so I took google reader shutting down as an opportunity.

I also like portable apps so that I can switch over computers in a snap.

For this I found FeedReader. You can set it up in a three column interface, much like Thunderbird.

It's amazing to use a real application rather than a webapp. Things load so much faster. However, this one does render html, I don't know if you can shut that off.

How I use FeedReader is I arrow down through the items, scanning them quickly, and I hit enter to open them up in Firefox. You can configure it to open up in the background so you can queue up a bunch of pages and read them later.

nothings said...

I use Feedreader, but I'm not thrilled with the interface.

I want a reader that behaviors like a Usenet reader: press spacebar for next page or next post if at end of current, plus a skip-to-next-post key.

Tom Johnstone said...

+1 for theoldreader

Tom Johnstone said...

Re: Gmail alternative check out Hushmail

Matt said...

Fast and minimalistic:

Minimalistic, but noticeably slower:

Feedly is too bloated, IMHO (animated UI, no thanks) and doesn't even have search.

TheOldReader could be good, but has limited retention ("forgets" the updates from your feeds if you don't log on for a while) and limited refresh rate.

http://feedspot.com/ looks promising, but the search was WIP last time I checked.

cbloom said...

Well, I've settled on FeedReader now.

The Win32-nativeness is nice.

It has some mildly annoying GUI bugs. It doesn't remember your last window position and for me it always starts up oddly halfway off screen. It also doesn't come to front sometimes when it's activated.

More annoyingly it really wants to be "always on", which I hate. You can just pop it up to read news but there seems to be "update all my feeds now" button, so you have to just start it up and then wait a few minutes and check back to see if it got anything.


76561197967748241 said...

I've been using the NewsFox addon for years. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/newsfox/#

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