03-05-13 - Obama

Sometimes when I see Obama making a speech (eg. recently on the sequester, and before on gun control, and health care), it strikes me that he's addressing the country and the opposing legislature as if he can convince them through logic and reasoning and good discussion of the issues.

I think maybe Obama just doesn't understand politics. Perhaps because of his youth and lack of experience in serious elected office, he seems to think he can just make a good speech to the public and the legislature will somehow see the light and bow to his finely reasoned and rationally based argument. LOL, silly Obama. The only way to actually accomplish anything progressive is through strong-arm backroom deals and dirty tricks (see eg. LBJ and FDR). You can't just beat crooks like the NRA and AMA by being *right* ; the moral high ground or rational correctness never got anyone anywhere.

Either that or he's super clever and knows that none of his stuff will ever pass, and he's just trying to make a show to look a bit progressive while intentionally only succeeding on the very pro-big-business measures.

Sometimes when I see a bit of Fox News or some Tea Party demonstration or whatever, I imagine Mr. Burns is standing just off screen whispering "and what about the taxes" or "it's big government that's doing this to you!". Can't you see that these talking points have been written by think tanks and your angry mob is just a puppet in their game?


Aaron said...

My feeling is that Obama actually is not as liberal as people think he is.

And that he is *as conservative* as he says he is (I for one do not think he is lying when he says he's conservative "The truth of the matter is that my (economic) policies are so mainstream that if I had set the same policies that I had back in the 1980s, I would be considered a moderate Republican".) The best way to see this is to see how he has approached the deals he really wants done (avoid the fiscal cliff, where he was almost literally ripping heads off left and right to get it done), versus how he's approached the liberal stuff that's left of his stated positions (health care reform, where he conceded the middle ground right away and left himself almost completely out of it).

I was also thinking last night that the death of television and print media among the intellectual elite has neutered the bully pulpit of the presidency somewhat. It used to be the prez could go on TV, demand some change and be heard. Now you go on TV and no one even sees it except some old people. It's in the paper, but no one reads it. It shows up as a little story in my massive feed of news.

Yann Collet said...

The "super clever" part seems more like Obama.

Neal Burns said...

You have to give him a lot of credit for passing health care reform. I think Biden was correct that it was a "big f**king deal" -- Clinton could not do it, and it's been a goal since Lyndon Johnson or something. After that, the Republicans resolved never to lose again and have been playing a scorched earth/mutually assured destruction type strategy, e.g. with the debt ceiling. I don't blame Obama for the impasse. The poor and working class don't read the newspaper, but political fanatics are glued to C-SPAN. I appreciate the fact that Obama is interesting. Clinton and Bush were impossible, I could not prevent my mind from wandering when they talked. I think Obama is smart enough to know that no one is listening to his arguments, but I appreciate that he takes the high road.

I think the 2012 election may have altered the balance some.

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