03-05-13 - Immigration Reform

This is something that everyone with a clue has been saying forever, and I'm quite sure it's not going to happen, and it's really too late to take advantage of our huge lead, but anyway :

1. Open up immigration for anyone with a PhD , MD , etc.. Not just visas - give them citizenships. You want them to stay and make their business here.

(not really on topic, but if the AMA wasn't such a bunch of fuckers we would have a super-fast-track for MD's in other countries to get a US MD)

2. Instant citizenship for any immigrant who goes to a US PhD program and graduates.

(* obviously some difficulty here because colleges would pop up just to take money and make citizens, so there has to be some control on this)

Anybody who's gone to an American science PhD program knows just how completely insane our policy is and how much amazing human talent we are letting slip away. It's fucking retarded that so many Indian and Chinese and Russian (and others) scientists come to America, get PhDs, and leave because they can't stay. Now, as I said it's already too late, and our small-mindedness and intransigence has already fucked us, because they now have decent tech economies to go home to. If we'd done this 10 years ago we could have been the tech leader of the world for a long time.

3. No limit on H1B visas. Fast track to citizenship for H1B workers. Certainly anyone who works in software knows how stupid this is. Don't let American tech companies hire the best workers in the world, and then even when we do get to hire them, don't let them stay and become assimilated US citizens. Good system guys.


Sergey Sikorskiy said...

This is an illusion. The U.S.A. economy doesn't need people with PhD. All friends of mine who have PhD degree and work for commercial companies are hiding their degree.

Kim Pallister said...

The H1B->Greencard process doesn't take *that* long. Thing is that people usually have the process sponsored by their hiring company, and there's no incentive for that company to do it any faster than bare minimum, as it's another form of handcuffs.

@Sergey: I think charles just meant "allow hiring of skilled workers". Whether there are better metrics than MSs and PHDs, is another topic for discussion.

cbloom said...

"The H1B->Greencard process ..."

Yeah, the biggest problem there is the dumb limit on H1B's in the first place.

But then beyond that, the fact that it's corporation-driven and not just law creates a level of uncertainty that many people won't tolerate in their life planning. And as you say, much like health care, it's a kind of handcuffs that distorts the labor market in an unhealthy way.

jdboyd said...

Every place you say citizenship, I would instead offer permanent resident status. I think the permanent resident -> citizenship process has merit.

Neal Burns said...
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