01-31-13 - Ugh ugh I hate the web

So Blogger randomly changed a bunch of shit a while ago.

One of the consequences of this is that the layout of "cbloom rants" can no longer be achieved or maintained with the new blogger layout, which means I can't edit it without losing it completely. (the existing layout does seem to keep working as long as I don't touch it, because they keep the raw HTML of the layout).

Another nasty one I just discovered is that a key setting that I rely upon is no longer there. Under "Settings->Formatting" there used to be a setting for "Convert Line Breaks" which defaults to Yes and causes any LF to be turned into an HTML BR code. I set that to "No" for cbloom rants so that it doesn't crud up my html when I send it over the Blogger API. (god dammit just let me put up HTML and stop fucking with it).

The odd thing is that the "No" setting (of "Convert Line Breaks") for cbloom rants appears to have stuck even though that setting has disappeared. That's fine with me I guess, though I wouldn't be surprised if it just stops working at some point when they revise the service again. The problem is I'm trying to set up a new blog and I can't get that setting any more.

(I of course have a workaround, which is removing LF's before I upload posts. The workaround sucks a little because I like to be able to download my posts back down and have them match the way I wrote them, which of course was with LF's in it for my readability during composition. The point is not the specific issue, it's god damn it don't push updates on me ever never ever unless I ask for them.)

Software updates are incredibly harmful. The benefit from changing *anything* has to be really massive for it to be a win. I'm so sick of getting new versions of crap pushed on me. At least with non-web software you can try to hold onto old versions as long as possible so that you can keep your valuable knowledge and its connections to your automation suite.

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Blaine Allen Brown said...

Updates are the worst! I used to host my site on wordpress, but it kept updating had too much CSS on themes, and was overall too complicated when I just wanted basic black text on white background. I don't want a logo or a header image or anything. Just posts and an RSS feed. I went ahead and figured out how to do RSS this week (turns out it's really easy) and now blaineallenbrown.com is totally independent! It feels great.

I'm tired of new software too. Updates usually fix one or two bugs that are unseen and COMPLETELY CHANGES THE UI that I was already used to. Now I have to relearn how Flash Pro works? I don't think so. I can always animate using the version I have. The problem is for all you programmers, you need to be able to interface with new software and usually have to suck down the update. I feel bad that you have to put up with the constant changes.

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