01-14-13 - Hawaii Workcation 2013

Photos from the first few days here. Tasha's bro visited so we did a bit of travelling around sight seeing. Starting with the rental house, my office, and then some excursions :

Man it feels great to be here. The house is incredible, just as we hoped, tons of windows and a big view of Mauna Kea with not a single neighbor around. I feel alive, young, virile, lithe. I love the sun and the sweat. I love the trees and the good vibes.

I packed my bike this year (mild hassle (and the damn TSA opened my box and disturbed my careful packing)), looking forward to getting some good rides.

BTW you may notice that the correct ergonomic position for a "laptop" is about three feet above the human lap.

I can't wait for Tasha to pop the kids out so we can travel with them and play on the beach and run around in the trees.


Aaron said...

I imagine the TSA was more freaked out about that little laptop table in your luggage than anything else (do you pack that everywhere?)

Pretty pictures. I'm a fan of pictures taken out of windows. Need more rez though!

You have an asterisk with no explanation. My OCD is kicking in. Must... know...

cbloom said...

Asterisk was a crabby rant that I decided to postpone (perhaps indefinitely, into the un-posted blog pile).

I've had good luck with finding foot stools to use as laptop tables at my rentals (who the fuck has foot stools? I guess there are short people in the world). As a last resort I sometimes use a stack of books, but they are annoyingly wobbly.

(the last place I had workcation in California, the landlord actually came into our house while we were out and saw that I had harmlessly/reversibly rearranged the furniture to make a desk for myself and they undid it and chided me; it blew my mind, people are just so deeply rotten and retarded)

Laptops could be so much better if anyone who wasn't a moron ever got to design anything. (the fact that laptop keyboards have numpads still is just like a major "wtf you guys obviously just don't understand computers at all, do you?" (or alternatively when there's not a numpad there's just blank unused space around the sides)).

It seems to me that laptop screens could pretty easily be on some kind of telescopic arms to raise them up. Another idea I've played with is the tri-fold laptop (instead of the standard bifold).

Personally I would love a laptop with just fold-out feet of some kind (or even just a picture frame style fold-out arm on the back), because I always use an external keyboard, but I know that usage is quite rare so I don't expect manufacturers to accomodate it. (of course if laptop keyboards weren't total garbage I wouldn't need an external).

Maybe even easier would be to make the keyboard a detachable piece with a retracting cord. You could probably have a mouse that snaps in somewhere too. That would be sweet.

But it wouldn't sell because nobody actually uses computers for productivity any more. They just want to poke their ham-hocks at facebook so they can take photos of themselves doing duck-face.

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