12-15-12 - How to Lose Game Developer's Love

How to Lose Game Developer's Love ... using only Hello World.

MS has gone from by far the most beloved sweet simple console API to develop for to this :

main( some complicated args that don't matter because they don't work ^ hat )

    IPrintf^ p = System::GoodLord::Deprecated::stdio::COM::AreYouKiddingMe( IPrintfToken );
    p->OnReady( [this]{ return CharStreamer( StreamBufferBuilder( StringStreamer( StringBuffer( CharConcatenator('h') +
        CharConcatenator('e') + IQuitSoftware("llo world\n") )))) } ); 


(this example fails because it didn't request privilege elevation with the security token to access the console)

(and then still fails because it didn't list its imports correctly in its manifest xml)

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