12-1-12 - Hawk's return

The hawk returned (perhaps a different one). He missed his kill this time and I couldn't get a shot of him before he fled, but it did give me a chance to snap a photo of what the chickens do in response :

(I'm lifting the roof on their house) (there are five there, they're all sitting on top of the one broody hen that never leaves that box)

We've got hawthorn trees at the house which are unusual for Seattle (they don't belong here). In the fall/winter the leaves drop and they are covered in berries which are inedible to humans but are apparently like ambrosia to birds and squirrels. We get incursions from neighboring squirrels that the resident ones have to fend off with much shrieking, and of course lots of little birds come through in packs, which seems to be attracting the predator.

I was a bit worried that our cats would take advantage of this bountiful hunting ground (it's really perverse when people with cats set up bird feeders, and having super-delicious trees is not much removed from that), but so far that hasn't really happened.


Aaron said...

Heheh love the chicken expression. How can a chicken look so... perturbed? Maybe I'm projecting.

baiju said...

Are they all hen?what kind of hen are they?its fascinating scene and writing i like it!

cbloom said...

Yeah they're all hens. I think you can mainly see Cochins and Orpingtons in that photo. Tasha would be required for a full id.

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