11-29-12 - Unnatural

I hate having neighbors so much. It's just not a natural way to live, this modern human way, where we're all crammed together with people who are not our tribe.

I believe that human beings are only comfortable living with people they are intimate with. In ancient days this was your whole tribe, now it's usually just family. You essentially have no privacy from these people, and not even separate property. Trying to keep your own stuff is an exercise in frustration. You must trust these people and work together and open up to them to be happy. Certainly there is always friction in this, but it's a natural human existence, and even though it may give you lots to complain about, there will also be joy. (foolishly moving way from this way of life is the root of much unhappiness)

Everyone else is an enemy. If you aren't in my intimate tribal group, WTF are you doing near my home? This is my land where I have my family, I will fucking jab you in the eye with a pointy stick.

I'm not really comfortable with "friends". So-called "friends" are not your friends; they will make fun of you behind your back, they will let you down when you need help. You can't ever really open up and admit things to them, you can't show your weaknesses, they will mock you for it or use your weaknesses against you. It's so awful to me the way normal people talk to each other; everyone is pretending to be strong and happy all the time, nobody ever talks about anything serious, some people put on a big show to be entertaining, it's all just so tense and shallow and unpleasant. The reason is that these people are not in my tribe, hence they are my enemies, and this whole "friends" thing is a very modern societal invention that doesn't really work.

I realized a while ago that this is one of the things I hate about going into the office. The best office experiences I've had have been the ones where it was a small team, we were all young and spent lots of time at work, and we actually bonded and had fun together and were almost like a family after several years of crunching (going through tough shit together is a classic way to brainwash people into acting like a tribe); at that point, it feels comfortable to go in to work, you can rip a fart and people laugh instead of tensely pretending that nothing happened. But most of the time an office never reaches that level of intimacy, the people in the office are just acquaintances, so you're in this space where you're supposed to be relaxed, and there are people walking around all the time looking over your shoulder, but they are enemies! Of course I can't relax, they're not my tribe, why are they in my space? It's terrible.

Going away from home to work is really unnatural.

At first when people start working from home it feels weird because they're so used to leaving, but really this whole going to a factory/office thing is a super-modern invention (last few hundred years).

Of course you should stay home and work your farm. You should build your house, till your field, and be there to protect your women and children (eg. in the modern world : open jars for them). Of course you should have your children beside you so that you can talk to them and teach them your trade as you work.

Of course when you're hungry you should go in to your own kitchen and eat some braised pork shoulder that's real simple hearty food cooked by your own hands, not the poisonous filth that restaurants purvey.

You shouldn't leave your family for 8 hours every day, that's bizarre and horrible. You should see your livestock running around, be there to shoo away the neighbors cats, see the trees changing color, and put your time and your love into what is really yours.

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rumburakus said...

I think those are only two different life philosophies, both as old as mankind. There are situations people do much better together and vice versa. I think this is more a question of local situation, personal philosophy, culture etc.

Asian populations are said to cooperate together in a better way, e.g. when there is a catastrophe like a fire in the city or earth queue whatever. They are usually faster and much smarter in their cooperation to evacuate or return back from crisis at normal living.

As a good example of cooperation are aslo Caucasus nations, I think their outcome is that they have really low costs for relatively moderate living.




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