09-01-12 - Photos - Backpacking with James

Cady Ridge - Meander Meadows area, on and off the PCT near Glacier Peak. Amazing; lupine and other summer wildflowers still in bloom, and berries already getting ripe (it's been a warm year this year); bugs not bad, pretty much everything you could ask for in a backpacking trip. (that's my happy face, I know it's hard to tell). The PCT was ridiculously crowded, full of big groups of tourists crammed into the horrible PCT camp sites; luckily if you're not a total moron it's very easy to get off the main track and avoid them.

Backpacking is the only way I can stop working these days and get some sleep (*), otherwise my mind keeps saying "wake up and get back on the computer". (* = though not much).


cbloom said...

Holy crap, if you click one of the images it launches some picture viewing widget.

WTF the HTML that I wrote is just a plain jane IMG SRC tag. If you view the same post at cbloom.com it of course doesn't do that.

This must be some strange Google black magic. WTF Google I did not tell you to do that, get your god damn dirty hands off my HTML. (I don't care if it is an improvement). (actually it's not an improvement because your dumb ass viewer is not showing the images at 100% zoom).

I swear any piece of software that I did not write is such a flaming pile of bad-usability garbage. No software should ever do anything unless you explicitly tell it to. Using computers is just a constant frustration.

Some day Google is gonna fuck up Blogger in some way that I can't deal with and this whole web page will stop. (it is super amazing that my Blogger API uploader still works without changes after all these years). I hate using any software that I don't completely control, and web software is by far the worst because I don't even have the option to refuse to update. (FF2 still in the hizzouse)

Aaron said...

Nice wildflowers. Man it's been forever since we've been up to see those. Lol at the image viewer thing.

cbloom said...

Apparently it's "Lightbox". God damn I hate involuntary software updates so much.

I hate the modern computing world more and more every day. In the future every GUI will be some non-standard crappy thing with no keyboard shortcuts that you have to click with your ear, and the software will update every 5 minutes and just randomly move menus around for no reason. All software will be by subscription, and the EULA's will all require you to provide full access to your bank account and hard drive. All content you produce with any software will be the property of the publisher. Sigh.

MH said...

So angry!


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