05-06-12 - Photos - Pots from Q1 2012

My third quarter of classes ; Q1 2012 with ended in early April. It was a good quarter, I made a lot of progress throwing bigger and thinner. All the work from that quarter :

Most of my funky glazing experiments are failures, but notes on a few that I think worked okay :

Wacky layering of shino is great. You can also put it on super thick then scrape away some to create variation. An even more subtle way to get variation is to paint the bisque with irregular strokes of water before dipping in the glaze, because water changes the glaze adherance rate.

Rutile or iron-ox over glaze makes subtle/natural looking variations.

"Peacock eyes" on the outside of the red bowl was pretty successful. This was done by first doing the blue glaze, waxing over the eye shapes, then dipping all in red. You could use the same technique for things like clean-edge bowl rim bands.

Carved ridges on outside of small bowl does nice stuff for tenmoku.

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