05-06-12 - Photos - Hawaii 2011

I keep sort of day dreaming about getting a house in hawaii for frequent getaways. I'm not sure it's a good idea. Owning a house is a fucking pain in the ass; owning multiple is just extra pain. Maybe it could be made super low maintenance with a steel roof and only native/natural/xeriscape plantings. I dunno, whenever I rent a Hawaii house I always think about the shit I don't like about it (I think the vast majority of houses in hawaii are fucking gross and people just don't "get it" ; see below), but man not having to deal with the house is such a huge advantage.

(aside : I believe the proper way to build a Hawaii house (especially a vacation house that you aren't living in all year) is pretty much a roof with no walls. The weather is so good year round that you basically never need protection at all. I think the correct construction method is Japanese style, that is posts & beams that support the roof, and then any walls you may have (perhaps wood louvers) are not structural. The vast majority of houses in Hawaii are American style "stick framing" where the walls carry the roof, and they have windows that seal and air conditioning and all that vulgar tacky suburban shit that you don't need).

The pictures :

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