03-04-12 - GDC

Just a note to say I'll be at GDC this year, hawking Oodle at the RAD booth.

I'm sure I will be tired and bored, so stop by and say hi.

BTW a plea to speakers : if you are doing a GDC talk, if you actually have some useful information to share, write it down! The written word on the internet can reach many more people than speech at a conference, and it lasts forever and provides a reference for game developers in the future.

And no, putting up your slides doesn't count. Slides are crap, throw them away. Don't publish your slides. I would be very happy if I never saw a single PPT file on the internet ever again. You used the slides in your talk, that's fine, that's what they are for - your talk. They are NOT a readable useful form of the information that is worth publishing. Write some real text in paragraphs and publish that. And no, video or audio of the talk don't count either. I know you're busy, but you really don't have time to write a few paragraphs? If your research is substantial, then you spent months and months on it, and now you can't put in a few more hours to write it down properly? Come on, do it.

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Unknown said...

One thing that I think works well is to post the "speaker notes" PDF, eg portrait pages with the slides on top and the stuff said while the slide was shown on the bottom. It doesn't take any extra time to prepare (assuming the speaker put notes in the slide deck, which most people should - it removes the temptation to put text on the slides) and in my opinion serves as reasonable documentation.

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