01-04-12 - Two laws you should hate

NDAA : makes legal the GWB/Obama policy of indefinite detainment (outside of war zone, Geneva convention, or any legal jurisdiction), and unilateral assasination orders -

� Obama�s Signing Statement on NDAA I have the power to detain Americans� but I won�t Alex Jones' Infowars There's a war on
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SOPA : basically makes free speech on the internet impossible, by making site hosts legally liable for any content posted on them. Basically allows private companies to censor the internet at will.

Stop Online Piracy Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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House takes Senate's bad Internet censorship bill, tries making it worse

SOPA might not pass in it's worst form, but some lobbyists are pushing very hard for something like this, so the internet is going to get censored unless we fight it very hard.

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zed said...

the first point was actually brought up by the Fijian leader Frank Bainimarama on the Radio today, he said something like (WRT ability to imprison ppl for a week without reason in Fiji ) 'We're better than the US they can do it indefinitely, so why arent you bitching about them'.

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