12-12-11 - Things I want and cannot find

1. A true "sauna" near Seattle. A hot room right next to a lake, so I can steam it up and then go jump in the cold lake. We're in the perfect place for it, we have lots of nice cold swimmable lakes, and there are tons of Swedes around here, and yet I can't find one.

There are plenty of "saunas" at spas and health clubs, but without the lake swim it's fucking bullshit. I imagine some rich guy has one at his lakefront home, but I can't get the hookup.

2. A secluded cabin rental. I like the idea of going out in the woods and writing code alone. I can wear some flannel and chop wood for the fire like a real Northwesterner. But all the cabin rentals I can find are in sort of "cabin communities" or near a highway, or some shit. I want a place where you can look out of the big picture window and just see scenery for miles.

3. A good river swim. I found a bunch in CA but I can't find any up here. An ideal river swim has a nice deep "hole" due to rocks or waterfall or something. It should be a 4-5 mile hike from the closest parking to cut down on traffic (or be up a rough road or something, not just right off a highway). Ideally it should not be straight out of snow melt so that it's not ball-breaking freezing cold even in the middle of summer.

4. A nice place to ride. A country lane, no cars, good pavement. God damn I miss this.

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ryg said...

Swedes can't help you with Saunas! What you need is Finns.

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