12-09-11 - Kittens

We want to get a kitten (since we have a stable house now), and I would like to just get a kitten from a home but WTF they don't exist any more.

When I was a kid, every couple of weeks some family in the neighborhood would have kittens and put out a sign. You could go to their house and see the kittens play and pick one. You could see if they were coming from a good home where they got socialized. You could see how old they were to know they weren't separated from their mom at too young an age.

There just isn't any of this anymore. It seems to have all been corporatized into kitten adoption centers.

Yeah yeah yeah you should adopt an a deformed adult cat that drools and has mange. No thanks. Part of the reason why I can't just find a normal home to adopt from is all the pet-adoption-nazis make it so that you can't use craigslist (or whatever) to find pets.

Also all the adoption agencies have strict spay/neuter at time of adoption rules. When I was a kid when we would get a cat sometimes we would not spay right away so that we could get a batch of kittens and keep one and give the result away. It was delightful to have a line of generations and a bunch of kittens to play with. That tradition seems to be all gone. The result is that the babies only come from strays or weirdos outside the system. It's sort of like if all law abiding citizens were castrated, then the only children in the world would be from criminals.


Also, in other cat news, it turns out our professional cat sitter grossly overfed our cat while we were away in Hawaii. This despite verbal and written instructions on the correct amount to feed her. So she's sickly obese on our return.

How fucking hard is it to follow basic instructions? Jesus christ, I'm trying not to be a rich old crank, but I can't help thinking things like "it's so hard to find good help" and that the poor are poor because they're fucking retarded. (*). Half a cup means fucking half a cup, not "oh, I'll feed her until she stops eating like she's starving". You are the fucking help, you don't get to make your own decisions when I gave you specific orders.

What makes it even worse is that she (the cat sitter) gave us the usual condescending "I know so much about cats" bullshit when we interviewed her. Hey lady, I've watched an episode of the Dog Whisperer too, I'm not impressed by your amateur pet psychiatry.

* = you would think that it should be easy to find someone who could like get your groceries for you, or build you a fence, or pay your bills, or whatever, but it's actually really hard. It's amazing how badly the average person will fuck up the most basic assignments. To get someone that is smart enough that you can trust them to do those things, you have to hire someone in the top 1% of intellects, someone who could make $100k a year. It's actually sort of easy to hire someone really smart who costs a lot of money, and it's easy to hire someone who is just manual labor that you have to constantly supervise, but to hire someone in between that you can trust enough not to supervise but doesn't cost a fortune is hard because people are epic fuck ups.


jukofyork said...
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jukofyork said...

I was looking last year and found exactly the same! It's a pretty sad state of affairs really.

After a bit of searching I found www.kittenlist.co.uk and from that tracked down a couple of "normal" siblings kittens (not sure if you have anything similar in US though).

Juk :)

Tom Forsyth said...

http://www.meowcatrescue.org/ Wife worked there for six months, and we got our two kittens there. Lovely people, zero problems, and you can't seriously be moaning about the trivial adoption fees.

Pets should be neutered because otherwide (a) they make more cats, and we have enough already and (b) they pee on everything.

Fred T. Sanders said...

Your cat sitter actually was lazy. She filled the bowl and left it down, the cat went for one hell of a binge because of the extra food left out.

I came here to read the funny programming humor, and end up commenting on your feline bitch fest instead, go figure.

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