10-31-11 - What are these pipes -

So there's this low area along the path by my house that gathers water. I went out to fix it and digging around I found this colony of pipes :

The two small ones are two inch diameter, the big one is four inch; they're black PVC with hammered in caps (that I can easily pull out by hand). I dug down another foot or so and from what I could see they just continue straight down.

Pretty much all my utilities flow past that spot so they could be related to almost anything. In particular the sewer goes past there so I think they might be an outside sewer access. Kind of wierd that's there three of them though instead of just one.

I don't think that we have any kind of french drain system, though it would make sense to have a low point there with a french drain drawing the water off.

Anyhoo, kind of curious what they are before I cover up that spot with a bunch of rock and dirt to raise it up. Photos backing up :


Dave Moore said...

Is the house old enough to have had an oil furnace at some point?

It's either that, or vent holes for a grow-op the previous owners were running.

cbloom said...

Yeah there was an oil tank burried in the yard around that area that was supposedly removed. They're new pipes; perhaps related to the removal?

Aaron said...

Did they remove it or just cap it or cap and fill it? Almost no one removes them unless they were forced to.

cbloom said...

Actually removed. The house sold in 2010 but during escrow they found oil, so the tank was removed and they did "bio remediation" before it was put back on the market in 2011.

Hmm quick scan indicates that bioremediation may involve vent pipes.

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