10-31-11 - Small poker note

This year's WSOP final table has perhaps the best tournament poker players ever at a WSOP final table. Maybe at any major live tournament (?). I don't really follow tournaments much, but there's only one fish at the table, and he's not even a huge fish, he's just a "solid" old player, and everyone else is an internet kid, which means that they actually know what things like "fold equity" and "tournament chip EV vs. real dollar EV" is.

Martin Staszko (40.1 million in chips)
Eoghan O'Dea (33.9 million)
Matt Giannetti (24.7 million)
Phil Collins (23.8 million)
Ben Lamb (20.8 million)
Badih Bounahra (19.7 million)
Pius Heinz (16.4 million)
Anton Makiievskyi (13.8 million)
Samuel Holden (12.3 million)

I'm sure it will be horrible TV ; for one thing, ESPN will just show the all-ins which is horrible boring poker broadcasting. But beyond that, the young internet players are just SOoooo boring to watch. God, cash in some of your poker winnings and buy a personality, please. You may as well point a camera at me while I'm coding.

It's too bad that Daniel Negreanu doesn't have enough humility to buy some lessons from JMan or someone good, because it's so much more entertaining to see someone who actually interacts at the table. And his live metagame skills are very good, so if he would just play better technically he could do well.


dfan said...

Apparently they're showing every hand.

See for example http://www.wsop.com/news/2011/Oct/3574/WSOP-MAIN-EVENT-FINAL-TABLE-TO-SHOW-EVERY-HAND-ON-TELEVISION.html

cbloom said...

Hmm. They've shown the full feed on the internet for a while, surprised they're putting that on TV.

That's not really fun to watch either though, it'll be 18 hours. What you want is produced and edited footage, but edited to show the real turning points and dynamics, not just the all-ins.

dfan said...

I watched most of yesterday's broadcast with varying amounts of attention and was pleasantly surprised. Showing the hole cards at the end of each hand is so much better than during the hand that I can't believe that everyone doesn't do it. For one thing, it gives the commentators something to do other than say "He's a 29% dog" or crack jokes. The commentary was pretty good, e.g., minimal Norman Chad (I couldn't remember his name just now and found it by googling "annoying poker commentator"). Esfandiari was quite good and even Hellmuth's spots were acceptable. It was more compelling than I would have predicted; the fact that every hand started with the possibility of someone busting out probably helped.

cbloom said...

Followup - yeah the broadcast was great. It was slow and long at times, but the good commentary from Esfandiari made it work.

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