10-31-11 - Photos , Mostly Enchantments

Colchuk lake is a beautiful turqoise :

I'm in love with this rock face. It towers over Colchuk and feels like a real living being, it has such presence, and you're not sure if it's protective or menacing; The super-difficult barely-a-trail up to the enchantments is on the left :

Sun shining through larches :

The actual enchantments area is a weird top-of-the-world wasteland :

This is from a hike to Snow Lake earlier in the year; I noticed these vortices sheeting off a rock in the river; the river had perfect laminar flow and the rock edge disturbance was shedding this regular "street" of round vortices that then acted as lenses. The lenses were so perfect they were creating caustic rings of light focused and defocused on the river bed. You can see some of the lenses in the lower left of the photo and the light through them hits the creek bed near the top of the photo.

This guy visited our back yard a few days ago. Pearlescent feathers. No idea what he is, but he seemed real tame like he was probably a pet.

This is the view from my new home office (it's downtown Seattle in the distance). We're in a slight microclimate where we get fractionally less wetness (it's not like a real San Francisco microclimate that's dramatically different; I think we get 90-95% of the wetness); the storms hit us later and leave us sooner, so I get to watch them roll in to Seattle, and I get to watch them clear up. The result is a lot of rainbows. I took a photo of the first one I saw. (BTW whoever has that house with the red roof, I thank you, it really adds some spice to my view).


Aaron said...

Bravo. The larches thing is cool, I like that weird low slanting sunlight effect. Are those shot with the S90?
That bird has some attitude.

cbloom said...

Yeah it's all S90 ; it would take better photos if I actually spent some time on it, but the point-and-shoot auto mode is so good that I just use that.

Tom Forsyth said...

The bird is probably some sort of hybrid between the standard ring-necked pheasant and a green pheasant - apparently quite common since both were introduced to the US as game birds: http://ibc.lynxeds.com/photo/ring-necked-pheasant-phasianus-colchicus/rarer-green-form-male-pheasant

Robin Green said...

Pheasant. Very tasty.

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