10-31-11 - I hate the web

Google search no longer supports +. The Google response does a great job of making it worse by responding in super-douche corporate bullshit speak, like "actually you didn't want that feature, we know better than you, it's better without it" and also the power-douche "we hear your concerns and are glad for your feedback but fuck you we're going to ignore you".

Google has done some similarly epically retarded shit with Google+ . Like, hey dumb asses, if businesses want to be on Google+ and you don't have the business accounts features done yet, why don't you just let them keep using the normal Google+ and migrate them over when you have the business features done? Oh no, let's kick everyone off and cause a big shit storm because we know the "right way" and you will thank us because it's "worth the wait". Epically retarded.

Anyway, Google Reader got a new look and it seems to be neither good nor bad, but it PISSES ME OFF.

I fucking hate it when shit that I use as a basic part of my day changes under me randomly. It's like if somebody semi-randomly periodically came into your house and swapped out your clothes or your appliances. Sometimes they fuck up some feature that you really liked. But most of all it's just distracting and annoying and ruins your familiarity with a tool.

Web software in general sucks because of this. Even ignoring all the bullshit about how slow it is, or the fact that you need a live connection, or the fact that you can't download web pages properly, etc. it sucks because people are constantly changing it out under your feet.


Blaine Allen Brown said...

I was wary to complain about the Google Reader redesign because I always see people talking about Facebook design changes ON Facebook. Every time they change something, some idiot starts a new group page dedicated to "Bring the old Facebook back." Now I'm thinking, maybe I was wrong to be so critical.

The Google Reader update is exactly as you described. Neither good nor bad, and it makes me angry. It might work exactly the same but my visual memory cues are all shuffled. If it takes me a millisecond longer to find a button I use everyday, then it was a mistake to change it.

P.S. Why does Google hate the default scroll bar? What was wrong with it?

Aaron said...

Cuz everyone has to fuck everything up to make it fit on a tablet/cell phone screen now. Cuz, it's OH SO HARD to support two resolutions...

The weird way the dark outline in GR now doesn't fully enclose a post on the right is super irritating. I find the black and white more distracting than the old style.

cbloom said...

Yup. No me gusta.

If it was just a piece of software, I could keep using the version I like. (MS Word '98 and Photoshop 4 in da house!). But no, it's the web, you get served the freshest pile of steaming shit whether you want it or not.

nothings said...

I don't use any web apps, but web browsers have the same issue (they're internet-facing, so for security reasons you always have to upgrade to the latest), and goddamn does Mozilla love to remove Firefox UI functionality that I was using.

Aaron said...

Of course, the future (and present in a lot of ways) of the web is: it totally sucks for everyone. But, if you're really willing to dick around you can hack things together to kinda work ok. Try Minimalist (for chrome) or this greasemonkey script. Also here's a pretty wicked takedown of the g+ changes from an ex-g+ PM.

cbloom said...

"it totally sucks for everyone. But, if you're really willing to dick around you can hack things together to kinda work ok"

Yeah but it breaks every few months when they change the back-end. I used to fuck around with making my own interfaces into various web sites, but they just keep changing shit all the time, you can never establish a solid consistent flow.

Tom Johnstone said...

I never actually knew the '+' operator on Google search existed, I've always used double quotes to make sure a term is included.

Amit said...

Google's verbatim mode is something I'm going to try putting into my browser search so that it happens automatically:


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