10-17-11 - Crap Products

Am I the only person in the world that's just disgusted by how the moron marketting/design people are ruining all modern cars? This is not the correct amount of glass in a car :

Oh sure, I can sacrifice something minor like seeing *out* of the car for something more important like how "aggressive" it looks (that seems to be the key word for car marketting morons ons at the moment). I guess with high end cars like the LFA it actually is more important to the average buyer how it looks from the outside than how it is to drive, but sadly this stupidity has infected all levels of car design.

Modern bed designers either are intentionally out to bruise a lot of shins or they're just morons. I like to think it's the former. They love the fact that all the pretentious douches who just buy things because they're "stylish" without thinking about whether they're actually good are walking around with constantly bruised shins.

If you google "modern platform bed" almost every single one is a shin minefield.

I picked the particular one because it exhibits another piece of retarded design - the integrated nightstand. It seems sort of like a nice idea at first; some of them have little cubbies or nooks in the headboard where you can stash your book, a lamp, a glass of water. But then I started thinking...

Do you people never have sex? When you do, is it lying almost perfectly still with a sheet between you?

Also on the bed topic - "Eco Leather" ? Seriously? Hmm, let's see... 70% polyurethane. That's plastic my friend. I believe that's "pleather", or "leatherette". Fucking eco leather. May as well call it "iLeather".

(there's some inconsistency about what the term "eco leather" means : the smugstainability junta want "eco leather" to mean recycled leather or some such shit, the ridiculously-obsessive-mom junta want "eco leather" to mean leather processed without chemicals so it's safe for their ever-so-fragile babies, but in fact the furniture manufacturers of the world have just said "nope, fuck you, it means plastic").


jfb said...

To be fair, nobody not looking for that would look for a "modern bed". They'd just look for a "bed".

Google Image Search suggests the difference is "full of corners" versus "fluffy". So clearly 'modern' is a keyword for that. Nobody makes you buy it :)

Thatcher Ulrich said...

This is decent: http://hivemodern.com/pages/products.php?sid=269

Queen futon mostly blocks the corners, and the feet are actually not that accessible for toe-stubbing.

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