10-12-11 - Subaru VIP program

FYI, just found out about this. Buy a Subaru for 2% under invoice with no haggling. WRX for $24,300 for example. Easy to get "VIP" status by joining some charity or other but requires six months of lead time.

Info at legacygt.com and cars101.com


Branimir Karadžić said...

WRX rocks! :)

Tom Seddon said...

I wondered how much these would be in the UK, since $25000 doesn't sound like much:

UK WRX - £33,445.00

Google - "33 445 British pounds = 52 602.296 U.S. dollars" :)

(NB I am not very familiar with these cars so maybe I'm way off with the spec.)

$23,400 (£14,877.9247) would be the face value of this massive pile of gutless shit.

Never quite worked this out (VAT only explains 20% of it...), but maybe it's just REALLY EXPENSIVE to put the steering wheel on the other side :)

cbloom said...

Eh, not quite. That's a WRX STI , it appears you guys don't get the WRX non-STI , which is sort of half way between.

The price of the STI over here is about $33000 US so it seems to be just the general thing where you guys in the UK get screwed on pricing with the strong pound because so many people will price things at $299 and £299 .

For various reasons cars are super cheap in the US. There was a brief period where made-in-germany cars were actually sold at a loss in the US because of the strength of the Euro and the low prices here.

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